Next steps for new students

So, you've hit 'submit' on your UM application or you've already received an offer of admission - congratulations! If you're wondering what happens next, we have you covered. Our next steps series will cover everything you need to know about becoming a UM student.

Check out the Next Steps series

Recorded information sessions for prospective students

Watch a recording of our video series below to learn about becoming an undergraduate student at the University of Manitoba.

Intro to UM - Why choose the University of Manitoba?

Are you a prospective undergraduate student? Watch the video below to learn about our diverse campus community, student life & extracurricular activities, quality education and hands-on learning opportunities. 


Academic programs

This video will provides an overview of the undergraduate programs available for you to choose from at the University of Manitoba. 


Indigenous student information session

Learn about our growing Indigenous community campus, how to get involved in both academic and extra-curricular opportunities and how Indigenous students can access academic, emotional, cultural and spiritual support.


International student information session

Are you a prospective international undergraduate student? Watch this video to learn about our diverse campus community, admission requirements, how to apply, English language proficiency and more.


The application process

Follow along as we go over our step-by-step application process and review the documents that may be required. This video includes an overview of the undergraduate application for admission process.


Application demo

Watch this brief demonstration of the undergraduate application form. From start to finish in under 14 minutes, we'll walk you through how to complete and submit your application for admission.


Financial planning for university

There are many different ways students can pay for their post-secondary studies. Watch this video for a discussion on how to financially plan for your academic journey. Learn everything you need to know about scholarships, bursaries, student loans and more!


Grade 11 information session

Learn about the University of Manitoba, our diverse campus community and the opportunities outside of the classroom. This session will give you everything you need to know about how to prepare yourself for entrance at UM including: grade 12 course selection, UM admission requirements, first-year planning, and bursary and scholarship information.


It's not too late to apply!

Watch this if you are a grade 12 student who has not yet applied for admission at UM, this session reviews the benefits of going to university and when to apply.