UM SRI timeline and process

UM SRI timeline

  • 1. Courses and instructors loaded into Banner/Aurora

    Schedulers for faculties and departments enter course and instructor information. 

    • When: Before the term begins.

    • Responsibility: Faculties and department schedulers
  • 2. Course verification   

    SRI Coordinators verify certain details of the course(s), including confirmation of the instructor(s), the last day of class and whether any courses need to be merged. After the 14-day verification deadline, the system will not permit changes to be made.

    • When: First day that each course begins.
    • Duration: 14 calendar days from the first day of the course.
    • Responsibility: SRI Coordinators

    Short-courses: Courses completed in less than 14 days will have seven days from the first day of class. This may alter, depending on the length of the course.

    Spanned courses: Verification will begin 14 calendar days after the last class of the last term of the spanned course.

  • 3. Question personalization (QP)

    Instructors will receive an email inviting them to log into the SRI system and add a maximum of five personalized question to their survey(s). This step is optional.

    • When: 19 calendar days before the last day of the course.
    • Duration: Eight calendar days.
    • Responsibility: Instructors
  • 4. UM SRI opens    

    Student will receive an email from SRI providing them with a link to their courses and inviting them to provide feedback. A separate feedback section will be offered for each instructor if more than one individual taught a class.

    Instructors must provide a 15-minute window during the second last day of class to give students time to provide feedback.

    • When: Eight days before the course end. 
    • Duration: Eight calendar days; the deadline is the last day of the course.
    • Responsibility: Students and instructors
  • 5. Reports distributed

    Instructors will receive up to three reports for each course and can access the reports for the full array of questions, including core questions (quantitative), core questions (qualitative) and QP personalized questions.

    Deans, department heads and Provost's Office will receive one report for each course: core questions (quantitative)

    • When: Within six weeks of the end of the exam period for that term.
    • Responsibility: Instructors, deans and department heads

How to access UM SRI reports


To access your SRI Reports, visit Use your UM authentication credentials to sign into the UM SRI System. Please refer to the UM SRI Process Timeline (above) for general report distribution timelines. Email notifications will be distributed when the most recent UM SRI Reports become available.  

Faculty and Department Reports  

Each Faculty, Department, or School has its own unique email account and access information for UM SRI Core Question Reports. Deans and Department Heads can login to and enter the authentication information. If you are a new Dean or Department Head, please obtain this information from your unit or contact for assistance. 

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