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UM SRI timeline and process

UM SRI timeline

  • Courses and instructors loaded into Banner/Aurora

    • When: Before term begins

    • Responsibility: faculties/departments
  • Course verification   

    • Details: course verification in UM SRI System. All course/instructor information must be entered into the UM SRI system during this period. Only exceptional circumstances will warrant changes after the course verification deadline.*
    • When: Term begins
    • Duration: 2 weeks 
    • Responsibility: SRI Coordinators

    Course verification for mini-courses, short-courses, and those ending prior to September 30 occurs in early August.

  • Question personalization (QP)

    • When: Approximately 19 days before course end
    • Duration: 8 days to add questions
    • Responsibility: instructors
  • UM SRI opens    

    • When: 8 days before course end 
    • Duration: 8 days to complete UM SRI
    • Responsibility: students
  • Reports distributed

    • When: 2.5 weeks after the UM grade approval deadline  
    • Responsibility: SRI management team
  • *Last day to add instructors to the SRI system:
    October 1 - Fall Term and Fall/Winter spanned courses
    February 7 - Winter Term and Winter/Spring spanned courses
    May 1 - May/June (3 credit courses)
    July 2 - July/August (3 credit courses) and May/August (6 credit courses)

Do you have questions about your SRI? Please contact your SRI Coordinator.

How to access UM SRI reports


To access your SRI Reports, visit https://umanitoba.bluera.com/umanitoba. Use your UM authentication credentials to sign into the UM SRI System. Please refer to the UM SRI Process Timeline (above) for general report distribution timelines. Email notifications will be distributed when the most recent UM SRI Reports become available.  

Faculty and Department Reports  

Each Faculty, Department, or School has its own unique email account and access information for UM SRI Core Question Reports. Deans and Department Heads can login to https://umanitoba.bluera.com/umanitoba and enter the authentication information. If you are a new Dean or Department Head, please obtain this information from your unit or contact SRI@umanitoba.ca for assistance. 

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