Take action

  • Reach out and talk to someone when you are struggling. There are many resources available for students. 
  • Always schedule time to do things you enjoy such as: exercise, visit a friend, walk, volunteer, do art. Whatever makes you happy. 
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and minimizing caffeine and substance use. 
  • Listen to others and be aware of signs of distress. If someone is struggling, help connect them to someone who can help. 
  • Join a student group that promotes mental health awareness. 
  • Request a Healthy U stress workshop. 
  • Visit Healthy U to learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 

Mental health resources

On campus

On-campus resources are available if you are concerned about mental health issues and wish to learn more, or if you require assistance.

Off campus

Off-campus resources are also available by dialing directly to:

Online resources

Online resources can also be accessed at your convenience:

  • Just-a-minute.org
    • One minute meditations
  • Calm in the Storm
    • An app for mindfulness meditation and other activities to improve mental health. Available for Android and iOS 
  • Mindshift
    • An app to help manage anxiety. Available for Android and iOS