Resources that are important for new transfer and advanced degree students:

You’ve already received information from/about your Faculty/College/Program -- please review the email(s) you have received and use the following checklist to better understand your options and degree requirements.

Checklist of important information

  • Log into Aurora to review your record
    • Check your statement of transfer credit in Aurora and discuss any questions with an academic advisor in your program
  • Understand the University's Residence Requirement:  "Each faculty and school recommends to the Senate the number of credit hours each student must complete in order to graduate from its programs. Senate also requires each student to complete a minimum number of credit hours at the University of Manitoba -- this is called the “residence requirement". Unless otherwise stated in faculty and school chapters, the minimum residence requirement of the University of Manitoba is the work normally associated with one year in the case of programs of three years’ duration, and two years for programs of four years’ duration. Some faculties and schools may have additional residence requirements specified in their program regulations. However, in all cases, the residence requirement is assessed following an appraisal of the educational record of the student applying to transfer credits from another institution or applying to earn credits elsewhere on a letter of permission. The residence requirement is not reduced for students whose “challenge for credit” results in a passing grade."
    Source: Academic Calendar, 2021 - 2022.

How to prepare for a meeting with an advisor

Learn about the academic advising resources available to students at the University of Manitoba, how to access those resources and more. Brigitte Wiebe, Advising Services Coordinator and Kathy Synkiw, Academic Advisor, Faculty of Science co-hosted this session.