I was born and brought up mainly in Toronto, but in five different parts of what is now Toronto. The exception to Toronto was the academic years 1953--55 in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles County, to which my parents emigrated. I was fortunate to be able to return to Leaside for high school, following Margaret Atwood by a couple of years and preceding Stephen Harper by many. I studied mathematics at Trinity College Toronto in a rigid old-fashioned course called Mathematics and Physics but with the physics courses replace with philosophy. Philosophy remained an interest while I did mathematics. I did an M.A. at Waterloo and a Ph.D. at Southampton and then spent two and a half years at the University of Zambia before coming to the University of Manitoba in 1970, where I was filed in the Computer Science Department. I was there teaching mathematics for eight years before moving to the Department of Applied Mathematics, my intended destination in 1970. I joined St John's College in 1986. After twenty years in Applied Mathematics, ending as head, I moved to Mathematics when the two departments were merged. I was there until I retired in 2011. I was made an emeritus professor in 2016. In 1992 I was asked by its founding editor to take over editing Philosophia Mathematica, which I am still doing. That has been very successful, taken over by Oxford University Press after I published it myself for twelve years and now the leading journal on philosophy of mathematics. Two others are beginning. Imitation is the sincerest compliment.



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