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Our mission

At the Department of Statistics, our mission is to act as a resource to provide flexible, customized and modern statistical consultation services tailored to the needs of our clients in academia (University of Manitoba students and faculty), government, industry and non-profit sectors.

We thrive on collaboration and are actively seeking opportunities to leverage our team of experts to drive innovation and elevate project outcomes in interdisciplinary projects.

Our services

  • Data analysis

    Need assistance with data collection, experimental design or harnessing machine learning?

    Every dataset tells a story. Our team of graduate students can help you:

    • Craft data collection strategies.
    • Design robust analytical methodologies for project planning research proposals.
    • Utilize cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques to unlock hidden patterns in your data and produce predictions not possible with standard out-of-the-box software packages.
    • Implement data-driven decision-making and business planning.
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  • Data collection or experimental design

    Data overload or analytical gaps?

    Raw data is messy, and extracting all of the information it holds requires expertise. Our dedicated graduate students can help you:

    • Clean and pre-process your data for analysis.
    • Perform comprehensive exploratory analyses.
    • Create clean and professional visualizations and analytics on your data.
    • Develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs using modern data science techniques

Our MSc- and PhD-level graduate students are proficient in leading statistical software packages such as R, Python, SQL and SAS.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your project, free services may be available through our statistical consulting course.

Our rates

Please contact us for hourly rates. Depending on the nature and complexity of your project, free services may be available through our Statistical Consulting course. For information about our services, or to set up an initial consultation to discuss your project, please email statsum@umanitoba.ca.

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