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Undergraduate courses

We provide a comprehensive list of undergraduate courses that students generally encounter throughout their academic studies. These courses range from foundational to specialized and advanced topics without specific year-by-year categorization.


Schedule “A” lists policies for and resources available to students at the University of Manitoba.

Winter 2024 courses

Here is the most up-to-date compilation of undergraduate courses available for Winter 2024, incorporating the latest curriculum modifications and offerings. Presented below are the updates to the course offerings.

DATA 2000 courses

Graduate courses

For those progressing to postgraduate studies, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of our graduate courses. This includes detailed information such as course titles, the semesters in which they are available, the distinguished instructors teaching them, the scheduled days and times for each class, and their respective credit values.

Winter 2024 courses

Presented below is the most recent and updated list of graduate courses for the academic years 2023-2024. This compilation reflects the latest curricular changes and offerings for postgraduate students.

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