Students working on ideas at the Entrepreneurial Mindset workshop.

Upcoming workshops and info sessions

Access industry partnerships and funding

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2-3:30 p.m.

A workshop designed for researchers in the Faculty of Science to discover proven strategies to develop and enhance industry partnerships to support your research program. Learn more about types of partnerships and the benefits of the various types, as well as strategies to maximize industrial funding programs.

Indigenous entrepreneurship in science

Date: July 26, 2023

The Science Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Wawatay program, is launching a workshop on Indigenous entrepreneurship in science.
For summer 2023, the Hub has invited Dawn Pratt, MSc, Chemistry, CEO and Founder of Askenootow STEM to facilitate a hands-on workshop for Indigenous Science students and share her entrepreneurship story and insights.

Through my company, askenootow STEM Enterprise Inc, an educational business, I integrate Elder and Knowledge Keeper teachings into lesson plans and workshops for educators to reach children and youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through the delivery of workshops like Tipi STEM & Aerodynamics, I help Indigenous youth come home to science AND reach the stars. As an Indigenous chemist, educator, community member, and mother, my mission is to empower all learners by keeping traditional and scientific paradigms bound together. This is an essential method for learners from all walks of life to experience.

To connect with Dawn, please visit her website:

This workshop centers on indigenous perspectives and is geared toward Indigenous students. Non-indigenous students are welcome, space permitting.

Past workshops

Science entrepreneurial mindset engagement session

Date: Thursday, October 25 from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: W230 Duff Roblin Building

What makes up an 'entrepreneurial mindset'? How can this mindset benefit you throughout your studies and beyond even if you never form a company?

This session provided attendees with information about key resources, courses, new opportunities, and training they can access via the Science Innovation Hub and other UM offerings.

Science Research Innovation & Commercialization workshop

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 1 - 4 pm
Location: W230, Eureka Centre, Duff Roblin Building

Should you protect your IP? Is your invention patentable? Could industrial partnerships and innovation funding lead to commercialization and real-world application of your research?

The purpose of this workshop is to provide Faculty of Science researchers with information to advance commercialization of research-driven projects and access funding.

The workshop program will link our researchers to Science Innovation Hub and Partnerships & Innovation supports, provide advice on funding, IP protection, patenting, and industrial partnerships, and answer your commercialization questions.

We will also launch the 3rd cycle of our internal Faculty of Science Research Innovation and Commercialization seed grant.

We also hope to share some perspectives on research commercialization from outside the University. Workshop speakers will include Dr. Steven Theriault and Dr. Paul Card.

Dr. Theriault is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer at Cytophage Technologies Inc. and holds his MSc and PhD from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Theriault was a member of the team that created the reverse genetic systems critical to the development of the Canadian Ebola vaccine. His research interests have turned to combating antimicrobial resistance using his innovative, cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Theriault founded his company Cytophage Technologies Inc. He and his team use bacteriophages in new and innovative ways to treat illness, reduce suffering and ultimately avert the imminent health crisis facing our world.

Dr. Card is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, scaled and mentored various Winnipeg start-ups. He is currently VP of Neo Financial and holds his BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Manitoba. Paul was the founder and CEO of 151 Research, Director of R&D for Seccuris, and Sr. Researcher for TRLabs of Canada. 151 Research revolutionized the ag tech industry by transforming a technology first created for the bio-medical industry at the University of Manitoba into an award-winning post-harvest monitoring platform.

Research Innovation and Commercialization Grant info session

Date: Thursday, February 16, 2 - 3 pm
Location: Zoom

The Faculty of Science has invested in a funding opportunity for faculty members in the Faculty of Science wishing to take the next steps toward concept development for the commercialization of research. Attend this session to learn more about this internal grant.

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