The Faculty of Science is committed to building strong and successful industry-academic partnerships and Research and Development (R&D) collaborations for our researchers and corporate and external partners. 

We offer expert guidance to researchers and corporate and external partners to set up collaborations for success and maximize the value for both sides.

For inquiries on developing and enhancing industry-academic partnerships and collaborative R&D, and for building successful industry-academic funding proposals, please contact Christa Kruck, business development officer at

Business development services

  • Identify partners - Needs assessment and matching researchers and corporate partners/external organizations to identify potential for partnerships and collaborations. 
  • Build partnerships for success - Business development guidance for setting up a partnership for success and maximizing the value of the collaboration for both the researcher and partner organization. 
  • Streamline processes - Consultation on types of partnerships and agreements available within the University for industry-academic collaborations and facilitate navigation of the processes.
  • Fund project(s) - Business development services to identify internal and external funding sources, advise on best funding match/leverage, and offer guidance for building a successful proposal.
  • Maximize funding success - Research facilitation and grants review of proposals for Faculty of Science researchers working with industry and external partners.

Technical services, capabilities, facilities and equipment

The Faculty of Science has an extensive range of facilities, equipment, technical expertise, and technical services on offer in the Life Sciences/Biosciences, Physical Sciences, and Computational and Data Sciences.

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