The Faculty of Science is committed to building strong and successful industry-academic partnerships and R&D collaborations for our researchers and corporate & external partners. 

We offer expert guidance to researchers and corporate & external partners to set up collaborations for success and maximize the value for both sides.  

“The ideal partnership is one that enables forward-looking research and innovation, while also enabling product and technology development for commercialization toward real-world impacts – it is the best of both worlds.” -- Dr. Jolen Galaugher, Director of Science Innovation Hub

For inquiries on developing and enhancing industry-academic partnerships & collaborative R&D, and for building successful industry-academic funding proposals, please contact Dr. Jolen Galaugher, Director, Science Innovation Hub (Business Development and Strategic Partnerships) at 

For inquiries regarding processes, procedures, eligibility, and requirements for industry-academic funding applications and for grants review and guidance please contact Dr. April Gislason, Research Facilitator & Business Development Officer at 


  • IDENTIFY PARTNERS - Needs assessment and matching researchers and corporate partners/external organizations to identify potential for partnerships and collaborations. 
  • BUILD PARTNERSHIPS FOR SUCCESS - Business development guidance for setting up a partnership for success and maximizing the value of the collaboration for both the researcher and partner organization. 
  • STREAMLINE PROCESSES - Consultation on types of partnerships and agreements available within the University for industry-academic collaborations and facilitate navigation of the processes.
  • FUND PROJECT(S) - Business Development services to identify internal and external funding sources, advise on best funding match/leverage, and offer guidance for building a successful proposal.
  • MAXIMIZE FUNDING SUCCESS - Research facilitation and grants review of proposals for Faculty of Science researchers working with industry & external partners.


The Faculty of Science has an extensive range of facilities, equipment, technical expertise, and technical services on offer in the Life Sciences/Biosciences, Physical Sciences, and Computational & Data Sciences 

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