Emailing faculty and staff

Students must use their myumanitoba email address to email faculty and staff members. For course emails, faculty members may also ask for other requirements from students, such as adding the course title in the subject line or including their name in the email. Students should consult the ROASS for their course for these and other requirements for communication.

Responses from faculty and staff

In general, when a faculty or staff member receives an email from a student they will make an effort to reply within one business day of receipt of the email. It is understood that sometimes the reply may come sooner or in some instances later than this, with a normal response within three business days. Sometimes it will be useful for the faculty or staff member to reply on a slightly longer time scale so they can create a reply that covers multiple inquiries efficiently and effectively, in some instances by posting a response to UM Learn and pointing students to that response. In other cases, the replies will be individualized, and a shorter turn-around time may be feasible.

If a faculty member will be unavailable for an extended period of time (due to illness or other reasons), students will be notified as soon as possible that timely responses will not be possible. This notification could take the form of an out-of-office response to the email or a post on UM Learn, for instance.

If a student does not receive any reply within three business days, they should send a second email to the faculty or staff member, including the text of the previous email.  If they do not receive any response to their emails after seven business days, they should email the head of the department.