Cell Phone, Internet, TV

Cell Phone Providers:
Make sure to do your research to find out what plan is best for you. Things to consider:

  • Do you require a new cell phone? Your plan may include a new phone, or buying a new phone may save you monthly costs. Ask about using your own phone with a new SIM card.
  • Do you need long-distance calling options or an international calling plan?
  • Can you manage on a data limit, or do you need unlimited data?
  • Will you purchase internet for your home/apartment so you can use WiFi? 
  • Are you willing to commit to a contract (for example, for two years)?

Local Cell Phone Providers:

Bell MTS

Find out the features/cost difference between prepaid or monthly wireless plans.

Prepaid (“pay-as-you-go”) plans range from approximately $15 to 65 per month.
Monthly wireless plans range from $25 to $80, depending on chosen features.

Internet/TV Providers:

Bell MTS

Internet: Plans range from approximately $50 to $150 per month.TV: Plans range from approximately $30 to $100 per month.
Bundling TV + Internet + Wireless Plan: If you sign up for more than one service with a company, you can “bundle” your services together to receive a discount, which can save you money every month depending on the company and current promotions.

Some providers may offer discounts to students. Be aware of any special promotions and when those “introductory offers” or special deals end (often it is not for the entire duration of the contract).

Above prices are estimates as of October 2018, and may change without notice.