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Residency, Areas of Focused Competence, and Fellowships

Postdoctoral Residency Programs

External electives

The Max Rady College of Medicine welcomes postgraduate trainees to complete an elective at one of its accredited training programs in the Regional Health Authorities within Manitoba.

Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited Postgraduate Medical Education program at another university. All training completed at UM will be evaluated and credited toward their academic requirements at their home institution.

How to apply

  1. External elective trainees must arrange their elective directly with the appropriate program assistant/director six (6) months prior to the elective start date
  2. Once approved by the receiving program director the program administrator is required to provide the relevant information supporting the elective to PGME resident administrator at
  3. Once the information is received and verified the PGME office resident administrator will inform the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM), with a copy to the trainee, of the approved elective
  4. Trainees are required to complete the application and submit supporting documentation and payment directly to CPSM 45 days prior to the elective start date
  5. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, CPSM will notify both the trainee and the PGME office who will then inform the receiving program

If the all documentation is not received and licensure is not confirmed two (2) weeks prior to the start of the elective this will result in cancellation of the elective.

Before you start

Prior to entering a Shared Health facility, external elective trainees are required to:

International trainees are required to apply for the appropriate visitor visa/study permit.

Covid-19: current status for incoming external rotations/electives

With recent updates to public health orders, a new exception to the requirement to self-isolate when entering Manitoba from another area within Canada has been established for fully vaccinated individuals. 
This exception requires the following criteria to be met:

  • Fully vaccinated individuals are those who have received both COVID-19 doses, and for whom a minimum of 14 days have passed since the second dose;
  • Fully vaccinated individuals are required to access and retain proof of their vaccination status - Manitobans are able to find and print their vaccine records through the Shared Health Online Results Portal. A new immunization card is available for application through the Province of Manitoba
  • This exception applies only to individuals entering Manitoba from elsewhere in Canada. Individuals entering Manitoba from outside Canada must following all requirements related to quarantine and self-isolation.

Max Rady College of Medicine and Shared Health have discussed the resumption of electives within Canada for all PGME trainees effective July 1, 2021 as long as the following are met:

  • PGME trainees should not travel for electives in Canada until at least 14 days have passed from when they received the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine;
  • PGME trainees should access and retain proof of full vaccination prior to travel;
  • Upon return to Manitoba, fully vaccinated PGME trainees must continue to self-screen using existing screening tools;
  • Fully vaccinated PMGE trainees that have travelled within Canada and who are eligible for this exemption must pass self-screening for symptoms and exposures. PGME trainees who meet all of these criteria are not required to contact the Provincial COVID-19 Screening Line for screening prior to returning to work. 
  • PGME trainees who have travelled within Canada and who are eligible for this exemption but who do not pass self-screening for symptoms and exposures must continue to contact the Provincial COVID-19 Screening Line to be screened and must be cleared by OESH before returning to work. 

Provincial COVID-19 Screening Line:
1-888-203-4066 or (204) 926-1042

Current UM postgraduate trainees interested in applying for an external elective can find more information on the application process through the PGME Trainee Resources Community on Entrada.

Access Entrada

Resident transfers

Resident doctors have the option to transfer from one residency program to another. Some opt to do so for a variety of reasons, including changes in professional interests, evolving personal circumstances, or employment prospects in a particular discipline.

In our college the most common process for selection of learners into Residency Programs is via the CaRMS match, however, there are a number of alternate routes of entry into Residency Programs. The tabbed information below offers a brief summary of the major alternate routes of entry/transfer.

Before you initiate contact with a program regarding any of these options, please review the following policies for detailed application instructions.


Internal Transfer
Transfer between two different residency programs within the University of Manitoba.

Initial contact for Internal Transfers should be directed to the chair of Alternate Resident Entry and Transfer Subcommittee (ARET) – contact information is listed in the contact tab below.

Interprovincial/National Transfer
Transfer into a UM residency program, from a program in a different province
Initial contact for Interprovincial/National Transfers should be directed to the associate dean, PGME of the home (current) institution.

External Transfer
Transfer out of a UM residency program, to a program in a different province
Initial contact for External Transfers should be directed to the associate dean, PGME, Max Rady College of Medicine – contact information is listed in the contact tab below.

General eligibility criteria for transfer

  • No transfer applications will be formally considered until six (6) months after the commencement of the Residency Program (in general, the January following the start of the academic year)
  • Transfers within the last six (6) months of a Residency Program will not normally be accepted, except in cases where the Residency Programs significantly overlap (e.g. Family Medicine and Public Health and Preventive Medicine)
  • Resident matched through the second iteration of the CaRMS Match are not eligible for transfer in the PGY 1 year


Fully licensed physicians who have practiced for a minimum of 12 consecutive months in Manitoba may be re-entered into a residency program. This enables practicing physicians to switch practice for many reasons including changes in professional interests, evolving personal circumstances, or reduced employment prospects.

For initial contact for re-entry, please contact the chair of Alternate Resident Entry and Transfer Subcommittee (ARET) to discuss the potential re-entry – contact information is listed in the contact tab below.

Internal and national transfer requests

Internal transfer requests can be made by email to

National transfer requests can be made by email to


Internationally sponsored positions

We accept applications from individuals sponsored by agencies approved by the Max Rady College of Medicine. Learn more about the (visa) sponsored, non-CaRMS application process.

Applicants must apply with their home sponsoring agency who will direct the applications to the PGME office. Applications from Sponsoring Agencies should be sent directly to

Applications for the 2022-23 Academic Year will be accepted between March 1 to August 31 with the following exceptions:

Please also view the PGME Alternate Routes of Entry to Residency Policy document linked above.

Medical Council of Canada Examination

For the 2020 Academic Year, international medical graduates must have written and passed the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1 (MCCQE1).

Language proficiency

English is the language of study at the UM Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine. All applicants whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency at time of application.

The online IELTS Indicator exam will be accepted for the 2021 Match. For information on IELTS Testing Manitoba (UM Fort Garry Campus), visit the English Testing Canada (ETC) website.

Canadian Medical Graduate or U.S. Medical Graduate (CMG/USMG)
If you graduated from an English medical school in Canada or the U.S., you are exempt from providing proof of language proficiency. Candidates who attended medical school in Canada or the United States where the language of instruction or the primary language of patient care was not English, must fulfill the English Language Proficiency requirements.

International medical graduate (IMG)
IMG applicants must fulfill the English Language Proficiency requirements. Candidates are exempted from English language proficiency testing under the following circumstances:

  1. the language of instruction and patient care throughout the entire undergraduate medical education curriculum was in English. A letter of attestation mailed directly from the dean of the candidate’s medical school confirming that the majority of the language of instruction and patient care was conducted in English is required.
  2. their undergraduate medical education was taken in English in one of the countries that have English as a first and native language (see list below)

    For example, evidence could be provided to support the following:

    (a) taken in their totality, the majority (>50%) of the applicant’s undergraduate and/or postgraduate medical education was in English;

    (b) taken in its totality, the majority (>50%) of patient care provided by the applicant was in English

All other candidates must have taken the Academic Version of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 7 in each component with an overall band score of no less than 7 in the same sitting. IELTS scores will be considered valid for 2 years from the date taken.

List of countries that have English as a first and native language:

Caribbean Islands:

Please note the following:

  • photocopies are acceptable
  • Language Proficiency Attestations will not be accepted from the candidate or a third party
  • language proficiency results will not be accepted by fax or email


Successful sponsored applicants are required to attend mandatory two-week orientation program in June and the mandatory PGME Orientation on June 29, 2021.

View the orientation agenda

Competency Based Medical Education (CBME)

We are here to support the competencies taught and learned — which are based on the abilities needed to practice in the profession. CBME is not just happening here; PGME programs across the country are working alongside the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) to design and implement Competence By Design (CBD) - the RCPSC's version of CBME being applied in all specialties across Canada.

To ensure our family physician training program develops exceptional graduates, our Triple C competency-based curriculum for family medicine residency training is based on the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) CanMEDS–Family Medicine framework and the Evaluation Objectives in Family Medicine.

Getting started with CBD

As Competence by Design (CBD) rolls out across the country, residents will be asking you to complete assessments based on your observations of their performance in the workplace. A quick-tips guide can be found on Entrada.

Access Entrada


We are here to support you however we can. The following resources can be accessed on Entrada:

Access Entrada

Committees and working groups

Competency-Based Education (CBE) Steering Committee
Chair: Cliff Yaffe

CBE - Assessment Working Group
Chair: Robert Brown

CBE - Continuum Working Group
Chair: Aaron Chiu

CBE - Faculty Development Working Group
Chair: Anita Ens

CBE - Research and Evaluation Working Group
Chair: Christen Rachul

CBE - Staff Development Working Group
Chair: Natalie Rodriguez

CBE - WRHA/MB Health Working Group
Chair: Sean Brygidyr

Committee Terms of Reference (TOR) can be accessed on Entrada.

Access Entrada


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