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    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
    Room 795 - 715 McDermot Ave.
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P4

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Research themes

Molecular delineation of:

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Research scientist, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM)

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Research summary

Our laboratory studies virus structure, function, assembly, and pathogenesis. We use biologic, molecular genetic, and mass spectrometric methods to elucidate how mammalian reoviruses, avian reoviruses, human coronaviruses, Influenza A viruses, and Zika viruses interact with various host cells as models for understanding how multiple proteins and nucleic acids recognize each other and interact to generate a functionally active macromolecular complex, how these complexes interact with host cellular proteins, and how these interactions can be exploited through use of selected anti-viral agents to attenuate virus-induced infection and pathogenesis.


Dr. Kevin Coombs is a professor in medical microbiology and infectious diseases at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Coombs’ major research interests are to delineate the protein and nucleic acid interactions in nucleoprotein complexes, using a variety of RNA viruses as models. His lab studies how these interactions change as a result of, and in turn, are modulated by, conformational transitions that occur during macromolecular assembly and disassembly, how these processes can be attenuated by anti-viral compounds, and how these processes in virus infections contribute to pathogenesis in the host. This work, which has been continuously funded by the MRC/CIHR since the year after he moved to Manitoba, is in general areas of:

  • Generation and molecular characterization of assembly-defective virus mutants
  • Inhibition of virus replication using pharmacologic inhibitors
  • Mass spectrometry- and Systems-based analyses of virus and host protein alterations
  • Molecular characterization of RNA-dependent RNA polymerases and cofactor proteins
  • Development of non-pathogenic viruses as “bio-indicators” for wastewater and medical instrument disinfection management

Dr. Coombs has served on numerous local, national, and international grant funding panels. He has served in a variety of administrative roles, including as Chair for the CIHR Virology and Viral Pathogenesis panel, as acting and associate head for the department of medical microbiology; as associate dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies; and as associate and assistant dean of research in the Max Rady College of Medicine.



  • Dr. Fred Aoki Career Achievement Award for outstanding service in at least three areas (2018)
  • Faculty of Medicine Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award (2014)
  • University Merit Award for Teaching (1999)
  • Faculty of Medicine Graduate Student Association Mentorship Award (1997; inaugural recipient)
  • Manitoba Health Research Council Scholar (1991 – 1994)


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