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Dr. Chelsea Ruth’s area of interest is the long-term outcome of infants who have required NICU care or those with perinatal risk factors for adverse outcomes including those related to social determinants of health. She is interested in the health-related as well as the educational, policy and societal impacts of these risk factors. Research on outcomes of NICU infants is important for all aspects of neonatal care from decisions at the limits of viability to resource allocation to public health interventions aimed at reducing the impact of premature birth and neonatal illness on society as a whole.

Research at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy allows Dr. Ruth to conduct population-based research using administrative data and emerging statistical methods for maximizing its potential. Her overarching research goals are to broaden the use of repository data to improve the health of Manitobans by pursuing self-led research, policy research in collaboration with government and through advising clinician researchers unfamiliar with the repository. These goals include involvement in multiple different collaborative research groups, often from multiple different topic areas. One aspect of this includes forging relationships with the First Nation Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba to further her knowledge in how to respectfully and appropriately conduct research which will include and impact First Nation Manitobans.



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