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Department Administration

Department head

Chris Christodoulou
Department head/
Provincial anesthesia specialty lead, Shared Health

Administrative staff

program administration Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME)

To reach clinical site coordinators, please contact the undergraduate program assistant.

Clinical site coordinators

  • Erika Blouw
    Undergraduate coordinator 
    Pediatric Hospital

    Alagarsamy Pandian
    Undergraduate coordinator
    St-Boniface Hospital

  • Vivien Saadia
    Undergraduate coordinator
    Grace Hospital

    Kenton Staines
    Undergraduate coordinator
    Health Sciences Centre

  • Marshall Tenenbein
    Undergraduate coordinator
    Victoria General Hospital

    Kelvin Williamson
    Undergraduate coordinator
    Children’s Hospital

program administration Anesthesia Clinical Assistant Program

program administration Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

To reach clinical site coordinators, please contact the postgraduate program administrator.

administration Fellowship Programs

To reach fellowship directors, please contact the fellowship program administrator.

Program administrator

Cindy Marykuca
Fellowship program administrator

Fellowship directors

  • Mani Bhangu
    Fellowship director – perioperative medicine

    Sophie Davie
    Fellowship director – pediatric medicine

  • Jamit Dhaliwal
    Fellowship director – pain

    Daniel Rodrigues
    Fellowship director – obstetrics

  • Mullein Thorleifson
    Fellowship director – cardiac sciences

    Vincent Wourms
    Fellowship director – neurology

department Research

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