Individual study spaces

All UM libraries provide a variety of individual study space options, such as study carrels, tables, and casual seating. Talk Zones and Quiet Zones help you to find the right place for you to work.

There are more than 2,000 individual study seats available for students across all UM Libraries.  You are welcome to study at any of these locations:

  • Elizabeth Dafoe Library (1,021 seats)
  • Jim Peebles Sciences and Technology Library (486)
  • Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library (318 seats)
  • Father Harold Drake Library, St. Paul's College (150 seats)
  • E.K. Williams Law Library (113 seats)
  • Art/Architecture Library (63 seats)
  • Eckhardt Gramatté Music Library (50 seats)

Quiet pods

Book time in a Quiet Pod to have a virtual meeting or attend an online class or exam. This space is perfect for an individual to have a private conversation or complete a task that requires quiet space for concentration.

Book a Quiet Pod


Three Quiet Pods are located on the main floor of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, near the main entrance.

Using a Quiet Pod

  • For UM students; individual use only.
  • Must book in advance - maximum 3 hours.
  • Bookings will be cancelled if not checked in on time.
  • No food or drink.
  • Do not leave anything behind.
  • Must be vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing.

Book a Quiet Pod

  • Select an available Quiet Pod and time slot in the booking link.
  • Fill in your full name and email address ending with
  • Agree with terms about food and drink, as well as late check-in.
  • Submit the booking.
  • Check email for booking confirmation, use, and instructions.

Check in and Check out of a Quiet Pod

  • Arrive for your booking on time.
  • Check in through the link in the booking confirmation email or use the QR code inside the Quiet Pod.
  • Enter the 3-digit code from the booking confirmation email to check in.
  • Stay on the check in page. When you are ready to leave the Quiet Pod, click check out.

Cancel a Quiet Pod booking

  • If you need to cancel your booking, click the cancel booking link in your confirmation email.
  • Booking(s) will be cancelled right after you click the “Cancel Booking” or “Cancel all bookings” button.
  • You will receive a email confirming your cancellation.

Features inside Quiet Pods

  • Ventilation: Press the fan icon on the main menu of the control panel to adjust the ventilation. Press the fan icon again to return to the main menu.
  • Lighting: When you step inside the pod, it suggests optimal lighting automatically. Press the light icon on the main menu of the control panel to adjust the lighting mode and brightness. Press the light icon again to return to the main menu.
  • Adjustable table: The powered table may be adjusted to your preferred height.
  • Power for devices: Power is available via standard AC socket or USB-C port.
  • Internet connection: Connect your device via network cable for wired internet connection or connect to UofM Secure Wi-Fi.


If you are having trouble with booking or using Quiet Pods, speak to staff at the library service desk or email

Group study rooms

Some libraries have group study rooms that can be booked in advance for up to two hours.

Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in group study rooms.

  • There is a minimum of 2 students to use a study room.
  • You must have your UM student card and the booking PIN to access the room.
    Only UM students may use group study rooms.
  • Room bookings will be cancelled if they are not claimed within 15 minutes of the start time. If you will not be able to make it, cancel your booking in advance here.

Book a group study room

Group study room locations

Fort Garry Campus Group study rooms available
Elizabeth Dafoe Library 3
Sciences and Technology Library 4
Music Library 1
Other bookable study rooms on campus  
Agriculture (66 Dafoe Road)
(Subject to building access hours)
Engineering (EITC E3)
(Subject to building access hours)
Bannatyne Campus Group study rooms available
Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library 11

How to book at the study room touchpad

For an immediate time slot

  1. Touchpad – touch the Booking availability button              
  2. Touch the top time slot
  3. Swipe card and enter the room

For a time later in the day

  1. Touchpad – touch the Booking availability button              
  2. Use the Up/Down arrows to find a time slot
  3. Touch the time slot you want
  4. Swipe card
  5. Confirmation email with a PIN will be sent to your email.

How to enter room now with a PIN

  1. Swipe student card at booked time
  2. Enter pin number that was sent to you by email

Long-term student study space

Long-term student study space

Elizabeth Dafoe Library has two rooms located on the second and third floors with study carrels available for long-term use.


UM graduate students and President’s Scholars can apply to reserve a semi-private study space.


To request access and a locker or cubicle, complete the application form and forward to

Granting of study space is dependent upon availability.

Study carrel application form

Long-term locations and facilities

Room 239, 2nd Floor
  • Contains 16 study carrels & 30 lockers.
  • Carrels are unassigned; lockers are assigned upon application approval.
Room 301, 3rd Floor
  • Contains cubicles, each with a desk, drawers, and bookshelf.
  • Cubicles are assigned upon application approval.

Contact us

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