The digitization service is a leading hub for digital knowledge preservation, fostering research and learning, and building the UM community's success.

Selection criteria

Guided by the vision and values of the University of Manitoba Libraries, we prioritize digitization based on:

  • Materials that empower students and faculty in their research, teaching, and learning endeavours.
  • Materials that respect diverse voices, cultures, and ways of knowing, fostering inclusivity and understanding.
  • Collaborative projects that engage with the UM community, removing barriers and fostering mutual growth.


Feasibility assessments will ensure:

  • Rights and privacy considerations respect diverse perspectives, including Indigenous knowledge and privacy rights.
  • Physical condition and technical requirements meet the standards for respectful digitization.
  • Collaborative efforts align with our partners' goals, creating meaningful and impactful connections.

Digitization project selection and management

Project proposal submission - Aligning with our commitment to fostering success and inclusivity, stakeholders submit project proposals outlining the importance and scope of digitization. A project stakeholder can be UM Libraries, UM departments, UM faculty, or members of the UM community.

Review and evaluation - UM Libraries works with stakeholders to evaluate proposals based on selection criteria and feasibility.

Approval and prioritization - UM Libraries approves digitization projects and sets the priority for the projects.

Project management - UM Libraries is responsible for managing the digitization projects.

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