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Elizabeth Dafoe

About Elizabeth Dafoe

Julie Annette Elizabeth Dafoe (b. 1900) was Head Librarian of the University of Manitoba from 1937 to 1960.

Ms. Dafoe was born in Montreal and moved to Winnipeg in 1901 when her father, J.W. Dafoe, assumed the position of editor of the Manitoba Free Press. Educated at the University of Manitoba (B.A. 1923) she also studied library sciences at the Columbia University and the University of Chicago.

Ms. Dafoe worked at the University of Manitoba Library, holding positions of increasing responsibility until she was appointed University Librarian in 1937. She later helped plan for the development of University of Manitoba's main library which opened in 1953 and now bears her name.

A leader in the library community in Manitoba and in Canada, Ms. Dafoe played a role in the formation of both the Manitoba Library Association and Canadian Library Association and served as president of both organizations.

She also served on the National Library Committee in 1948 and the Council of the American Library Association from 1949 to 1954. Ms. Dafoe was involved in several other organizations, including the Canadian Federation of University Women and the Canadian Institute for International Affairs.

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