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Analytics support

With our expertise in diverse fields including statistical genomics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, we provide support for analysis of high-throughput data generated by next-generation sequencing (NGS) and array-based technologies. See our fee schedule for pricing information.

Data types

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

  • DNA-seq (whole genome, whole exome, candidate gene and gene panel, bulk and single-cell)
  • Epigenetics (ChIP-seq, Methyl-seq, Bisulfite-seq)
  • Microbiome, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics
  • RNA-seq (bulk and single cell, miRNA-seq, spatial transcriptome)
  • Uncommon data types (e.g. ATAC-seq, Hi-C)


  • DNA genotypes
  • DNA methylation levels
  • Gene expression (mRNA and miRNA)

Mass spectrometry

  • Proteomic
  • Lipidomic
  • Metabolomic


  • Olink® Explore
  • SomaScan® Assay


Data integration

  • Cross-platform/species/studies genomic data integration
  • Multi-omics integration
  • Multi-modal integration (e.g. medical imaging + omics data)

Data visualization

  • Standard visuals (e.g. Graphs, charts, tables, etc.)
  • Complex, custom-made visuals (e.g. Circos plot, network map, etc.)

Data mining

  • Differential genomic features (gene, miRNA, CpG, etc) analysis
  • Pathway and network analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (e.g. Clustering, multi-dimensional scaling, classifiers)

Statistical genomics

Study design and considerations

  • Family-based case-control design
  • Population-based case-control design
  • Discrete or quantitative traits
  • Effects of population stratification
  • Haplotypes association in related or unrelated individuals
  • Genotype imputation

Quality control

  • Missing rate and minor allele frequency
  • Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test
  • Population stratification

Genetic linkage mapping studies

  • Homozygosity mapping
  • Evaluation of covariate effects on linkage signals

Association studies

  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS)
  • Rare variant association studies using whole-genome or exome sequencing data
  • Copy number variation analysis
  • Transcriptome-wide association studies (TWAS), and expression/splicing quantitative trait locus (e/sQTL) mapping
  • Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS), and methylation quantitative trait locus (mQTL) mapping

Causal variant discovery

  • Variant annotation
  • Variant, gene, locus prioritization
  • Mendelian randomization studies
  • Polygenic risk score and its potential applications in clinical practice

Publication and grant application support

See us for information on statistical genomics and/or bioinformatics and to learn about the resources and services we offer. We also offer consultations for grant/manuscript writing supports for researchers and trainees interested in developing statistical genomics and/or bioinformatics component of research projects. See our fee schedule for pricing information.

  • Develop a study design
  • Sample size calculation
  • Data management and analysis plan
  • Cost analysis
  • Support letters
  • Prepare methods, results, figures, and tables for publication

Computing resources

Our computing resources are scalable to meet the computational demands of cutting-edge algorithms. We have multiple high end Linux workstations as well as access to high-performance compute cluster for compute- and data-intensive analyses.

Use pre-configured bioinformatics packages, or configure your own virtual environment. Computing resources in our facility are already configured with software tools for bioinformatics and general data science tasks, with on-site technical support when you need it.

Using our fee-based solutions give you access to all the resources you need with none of the hassle of purchasing, configuring, and maintaining expensive computer equipment. 

Contact us for access.

Learning centre

We are dedicated to providing more training resources and opportunities for faculty and trainees who are interested in developing their bioinformatics skills for analysis of omics data.

  • Genomic information online resource

    We provide information on genomic resources, discussion forums, and a frequently asked questions section, free of charge. The platform also distributes a comprehensive monthly e-newsletter that provides up-to-date information on platform activities, existing funding opportunities, new notable publications, and other news relevant to genomics.

  • Education and training workshops

    We provide education and training for specific commercial and publicly available bioinformatics software tools (GSEA, GATK, BLAST, BioMart, Bioconductor, Cytoscape), and offer bioinformatics workshops.


Item Notes University of Manitoba Industry
Walk-in consultations We are available to discuss any statistical genomics and/or bioinformatics questions for up to an hour at a time for each project. Free Free
Hourly projects Research projects with well-defined problems, such as data analysis, pipelines or scripting.  $70/hour $110/hour
Long-term projects Research projects where a research team requires the platform’s expertise on a more involved basis. $2,000/week $3,000/week

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