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    Course features

    • An opportunity for students in our intensive program packages (Applied Business Analysis, Applied Business Management, Applied Human Resource Management)

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    Deadlines for resume submission

    • April 12, 2024 for Summer Term
    • August 16, 2024 for Fall Term
    • December 13, 2024 for Winter Term

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    ELSO 0800 Industry Placement

    This course provides an Industry Placement in a Canadian workplace. The experience offers you a professional or paraprofessional role that could incorporate skills and knowledge acquired from your program package as well as your previous experience.

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    Your opportunity

    Your Industry Placement is your opportunity to enhance your workplace skills and conduct in a manner that is complementary to your certificate program. The hands-on experience will support you in setting professional goals and networking. Your designated industry mentor will provide regular supervision, guidance, and feedback.

Course details

This course is offered in our intensive program packages for international residents. Information for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to study with us can be found at programs and courses.

Course length: 175 hours

When you will take it: You will complete your Industry Placement within the last two months of your 12-month full-time intensive program package, after you have completed your UM credentials in the first 10 months.

Your Industy Placement is unpaid.

This course cannot be taken concurrently with ELSO 0750 Preparatory Industry Experience.


* Subject to IRCC demand or change

Note: Disciplinary outcomes stemming from academic or non-academic misconduct investigations could impact eligibility for this course.

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