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The Homestay Program will be suspended for Winter 2022 due to classes being offered primarily remotely.
For information about Spring/Summer 2022, please contact 

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Information and updates can be found at 

About Homestay

Homestay provides accommodation to any international student, 17 years of age or older who is registered to attend a UM undergraduate or graduate program, the English Language Centre’s Intensive Academic English Program, or the International College of Manitoba. Visiting scholars, professors, researchers and trainees can also take part.

Program features

  • Explore Canadian culture, live in a Canadian home and take part in local activities
  • Practice English daily
  • Airport arrival pick-up and departure drop-off
  • Safe and affordable
  • $800 per month, plus application and administration fees
  • All essentials included: three meals per day, wireless internet, private room, bed, bedding, dresser and desk
  • Orientation to the city, neighbourhood, and university campus 
  • Full-time Homestay staff available on campus to provide ongoing support and assistance.

About Homestay homes

Homestay homes are located 15-35 minutes by bus from the university campus and are inspected and approved by Homestay staff. All homes are safe, clean, and comfortable. 

Students will be placed in a Homestay for four months (one term). You may extend your stay upon approval of the host. For graduate students or visiting scholars and researchers, the length of the stay can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Canada is a multicultural country and our Homestay program reflects this rich diversity. 

Expectations for students

  • Students will be asked to participate in normal household routines and practice considerate use of household space.
  • Students are expected to do own laundry and cleaning of their bedroom and shared areas- bathroom and kitchen.
  • Students should respect the rights, privacy, gender identify, sexual orientation and religious and political beliefs of each of the members of the Homestay family, and follow the Homestay rules and policies.
  • Students must give one month's notice before the end of the Homestay term if they plan to leave the Homestay arrangement.
  • If a student is 17 years old, the student is to comply with the program rules for underage students and the rules of the household.
  • In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the student may be moved to another Homestay during the term.
  • All Homestay students must be full time international students at the University of Manitoba or the International College of Manitoba, and must attend classes regularly. 

Fees and deadlines

Total cost for Homestay is $3,600 per term, including the application fee, administration fee and Homestay fee. 

Fee type Fee amount per term
Application fee $200
Administration fee $200
Homestay fee $3,200 ($800 per month)

Payments can be made online through a secure payment system. Explore other payment options, or check today's exchange rate.

Fees are subject to change without notice and are listed in Canadian funds (CAD). If you have any questions, please email

How to apply

Homestay is available to any international student, 17 years of age or older, who is registered to attend a UM undergraduate or graduate program, the English Language Centre’s Intensive Academic English Program, or the International College of Manitoba (ICM). Visiting scholars, professors, researchers and trainees can also take part.

The University of Manitoba and the Homestay program do not provide custodianship for underage students.

Application process

Completed applications will be processed in the order that they were initially received until available Homestay spaces are filled. Incomplete applications (eg., no student visa, arrival time or payment) at the time of the program deadline will be placed on a waiting list.

Information about your arrival

Each term the Homestay program establishes a move-in date before the term begins.  We request that students do not book a flight before the move-in date or a flight that arrives after midnight (12:00 a.m. Winnipeg time). If you book a flight that arrives after midnight, you will need to stay at the airport hotel overnight. Your Homestay host will pick you up the next day.
If you arrive before the move-in date, you will need to find your own transportation and accommodations until the move-in date.

Homestay provides accommodations to students only. If you arrive with relatives or a spouse, you will be required to stay with them in a hotel until they return home. At that time, you may move into Homestay.

Deferrals and refunds

If you have applied to the Homestay program at the English Language Centre (ELC) but are unable to attend, you can defer your application and fees to the following term. Please submit your request to


The Homestay application fee is non-refundable. The Homestay administration fee is non-refundable after a placement has been made. 

If your visa is denied, you can request to have your Homestay fees refunded (excluding application fee). Please submit your request to

Fees are nonrefundable after you have moved into your Homestay. 

Refunds will be issued only at the approval of the Homestay coordinator.

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