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What we offer

  • The Engineering Access Program provides many different resources to ENGAP students and graduates, ranging from counselling services, financial support, professional tutoring and peer support activities to annual events. Our services include: 

    • Academic: We can help you select and register for courses, provide free tutoring for all courses and offer upgrading courses to help you be better prepared for engineering.
    • Personal: Our counsellor provides assistance with personal and family counselling, resume and job search advice and help locating daycares and accommodations as required.
    • Financial: We’ll help you obtain financial support through numerous bursaries and scholarships, including the ENGAP Scholarship and Bursary Initiative.
    • Social: Social activities help you find a sense of community within the Price Faculty of Engineering, while group study spaces let you work alongside your peers.

    To access these services and more, contact us or stop by our office in Room E2-442 EITC.

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Application and orientation

To join ENGAP and access all we have to offer, you'll start by filling out an application form and participating in a summer orientation.

The ENGAP recruitment team is here to help you become a UM student whether you are applying directly from high school, are coming from an adult learning centre or are a mature learner. The ENGAP office is the first stop for prospective Indigenous engineering students applying to UM.

How to apply

People of Indigenous ancestry (Status, Non-status, Inuit, or Métis) with a strong aptitude in math, physics and chemistry who have some high school education in these areas are encouraged to apply. All students with an Indigenous background studying engineering at the University of Manitoba are eligible to be a part of ENGAP.

To apply, please fill out the application form (PDF) and submit it to our office before May 1.

Summer orientation

A two-week summer orientation with refresher courses in math and computer skills, as well as study and writing skills, helps students in their transition to university. If you have been away from high school, or did not have access to a rigorous program at the high school level, you may be required to take additional introductory courses in math, physics, computer science and chemistry to prepare you for first-year engineering courses. ENGAP students study all other courses in the regular engineering program of their choice.

In addition to upgrading and reviewing essential material, during the summer orientation you can meet with an advisor to decide on a program of study and become familiar with the university’s campus, policies and services. The orientation is also a great time to meet and build community with other first-year students.


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    Engineering Access Student Association

    The Engineering Access Student Association (EASA) is the student council that represents the Indigenous students in ENGAP. The council puts on various events and activities during the school year to promote a welcoming environment for the ENGAP students.

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    ENGAP student lounge

    A dedicated student space gives ENGAP students the opportunity to socialize and study together.

Learn about our sponsors

ENGAP is very fortunate to receive financial assistance for students from corporate and local donors through the ENGAP Scholarship and Bursary Initiative. We would like to thank the donors below for their generous support. Their continued generosity will help students in ENGAP to achieve their goals and work to their maximum ability.

Contact us

Engineering Access Program (ENGAP)

Price Faculty of Engineering
Room E2-442 EITC
75A Chancellor's Circle
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6

1-800-432-1960 Ext: 9872