Vote for a fellow UM graduate who will help guide the direction of the university, make a difference in the lives of students and the community, and serve as a voice for alumni in UM governance.

Online voting is now open, and will close May 14, 2021 at 4 PM CT.


The University of Manitoba’s Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing the administrative and business affairs of UM, serving as the corporate governing body of the university. Its duties include approving the annual budget and appointing and monitoring the performance of the President and Vice-Chancellor.

UM alumni elect fellow graduates to serve on three of the 23 University of Manitoba Board of Governors positions. Alumni elected to serve on the Board of Governors may do so for a maximum of three consecutive three-year terms. One of these term positions is ending.


To be eligible for the position, the candidate must be a graduate of the University of Manitoba; that is have attained a degree, diploma or certificate approved by the University of Manitoba Senate. All UM graduates are eligible to vote in the election, which is held via an online voting platform.

For more information about the Board of Governors, visit:

Board of Governors Election Timeline

Nomination Phase

Thursday, February 11 nominations open and close on Monday, March 15 

Information gathering & confirmation of candidates phase

Tuesday, March 16 - Tuesday, April 13th 

Election phase

Wednesday, April 14– Friday, May 14

Elected candidate announcement phase

Wednesday, May 26

Dates to remember

Nominations open – February 11

Requests to be nominated via the Alumni Association Board – March 1 by 4pm

Nominations close – March 15

Alumni Association Board of Directors notified of candidates running – April 1

Candidates notified of who is running – April 6

Candidates announced to alumni via website – April 7

Election period begins – April 14

Elections period ends – May 14

Ballot count where all candidates and scrutineers are invited to attend – May 20 at noon

Notify University Secretary of successful candidate in writing & Alumni Association Board – May 20 by 4 pm

Publicly announce successful candidate – May 26

Successful candidate takes office – June 1

Processes and procedures

Meet the candidates

  • A photograph of Jeremy Bereza.

    Jeremy Bereza


  • A photograph of Albert Boakye.

    Albert Boakye


  • A photograph of Duane Brothers.

    Duane Brothers

    [BA/82, BEd/84, PhD/17]

  • A photograph of Debora Durnin Richards.

    Debora Durnin Richards

    [BHEc/76, ExtEd/98, MEd/10]

  • A photograph of Luigi Imbrogno.

    Luigi Imbrogno


  • A photograph of Carla Loewen.

    Carla Loewen

    [BEd/01, BA/03, MEd/16]

  • A photograph of Tamira Loewen.

    Tamira Loewen


  • A photograph of Nasser Malik.

    Nasser Malik


  • A photograph of Robert Michon.

    Robert Michon


  • A photograph of Victoria Nwabuisi.

    Victoria Nwabuisi


  • A photograph of Riley Proulx.

    Riley Proulx



* indicates those who have been nominated by the Alumni Association Board of Directors.
† indicates those who have been nominated by alumni.

Jeremy Bereza [BComm(Hons)/12] *

Jeremy Bereza is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner with over 10 years of finance and accounting exposure in large, complex public companies. He is an experienced instructor with CPA Western School of Business and marker for CPA Canada National Marking Centre. He supports the community by serving as Chair of Finance for Neecheewam Inc. and the Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba & Winnipeg. Passionate about personal finance and helping others succeed, he uses his knowledge as a finance professional to simplify complex concepts into basic principles. He is the author of Your Money Made Easy - A Foundation for Financial Success.

To the Board of Governors, Bereza offers technical financial and accounting expertise, years of past board experience, a passion for learning, and an enthusiasm for community. He uses his skill set and network to find unique solutions to difficult problems. He intends to use his leadership to further benefit the cultural, social, and economic well-being of all University of Manitoba stakeholders.

For nearly a decade, Bereza has been an alumni ambassador for the University of Manitoba. He has consistently recruited students from the I.H. Asper School of Business and trained and mentored them as CPAs. He has participated in career fairs and given students firsthand testimony of his great experiences as a student. Where possible, he has encouraged his network of fellow business professionals to recruit new graduates and donate to University causes.


Albert Boakye [MPA/17] *

Albert Boakye works with the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg as a community animator. He is highly interested in serving on the Board of Governors to lend his advisory skills to the goals and visions of the university. He has over four years of work experience in policy research, program development and strategic planning. As a past policy analyst, he has assisted in policy reviews and developed policy-driven recommendations to several programs and policies. Throughout his policy role, he has developed strong analytical, team building, and stakeholder engagement skills.

At UM, he was the Vice President-External for the Graduate Students’ Association. He was actively involved in decision making on awards, U-Pass legislation, budget cuts, and healthcare for students. He also served on the university's Joint Senate Committee as well as the Joint Discipline Committee between UM and the University of Winnipeg on matters to strengthen joint programs. These leadership skills have given Boakye a diverse skill set to serve on the university’s Board of Governors.

As an alumnus, he has connected with new students on effective learning outcomes, international students' transition, housing supports and healthcare. He has also connected with student groups and professors on ways to access and leverage community data to support research work to make evidence-based decisions.

Boakye is interested in serving on the board because he represents diversity which he believes is one of the hallmarks the university promotes in teaching and learning. He has always had the passion to serve people, listen to concerns, respect the diversity of opinions and bring solutions to confront the challenges we face together.


Duane Brothers [BA/82, BEd/84, PhD/17] †

Duane Brothers completed a BEd in 1986 while playing on the Bison men’s basketball team. He returned to UM to complete his PhD in 2017, with a thesis entitled Complex Poverty and Urban School Systems: Critically Informed Perspectives on the Superintendency. He has proudly watched the games of the UM women’s basketball team of which his daughter Keziah, is a team captain.

Brothers has been a Teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and a Superintendent in three school divisions in Manitoba. He has 20 years experience developing strategic directions, accountability for learning, working directly with school boards, and managing all aspects of Human Resource portfolios including collective bargaining. In 2018, he led the Louis Riel School Division to becoming identified as one of Manitoba’s Top Employers. He has aggressively recruited and hired UM teacher candidates to each of his school divisions. Recently, he taught undergraduate and post graduate courses in Manitoba. As a facilitator, he has worked throughout North America in the areas of organizational improvement, diversity, and leadership.

Brothers has served on the Board of the National Principals Leadership Institute in NYC, was on the Cabinet of the United Way, the Board of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, and is currently the board chair of Special Olympics.

His experiences with UM have been formative in his life. Brothers grew up in Manitoba, lived in BC to further his studies, and then came home. He is now in a position where he wishes to lend his hard-earned experiences, wisdom, and passion to serve on the Board of Governors. He wants to contribute to our collective vision to “take our place among leading universities through a commitment to transformative research and scholarship, and to innovative teaching and learning – uniquely strengthened by Indigenous knowledge and perspectives.”


Debora Durnin-Richards [BHEc/76, ExtEd/98, MEd/10] †

Debora Durnin-Richards is a three-time UM graduate offering a paradigm inclusive of the continuing education, undergraduate and graduate experiences. Interwoven is her career in government which often interfaced with UM, particularly through collaborative discussions identifying the needs that government, farm and rural families ask of university education and research. Her master’s thesis added to the research literature on sustainability of young farmers in agriculture.

Durnin-Richards is currently CAO of the family business, managing the financials, accounting and tax preparation for the company. She also sits on the Board of the Red River Exhibition. She previously served 37 years with the provincial Department of Agriculture, working in the fields of home economics, 4-H youth, policy, crop insurance, marketing, farm business management, northern food prices, strategic planning and boards and legislation.

Highlights from her career include helping to establish and sustain long standing educational organizations such as Manitoba Farm Women`s Conference and Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba. She was facilitator and writer for the Northern Food Prices Project Report, which collaborated with an advisory group and numerous Northern stakeholders and has since offered substantive guidance to further government initiatives. As manager of the 4-H program, she saw how important after school and experiential learning is for children and youth.

Durnin-Richards has held a number of positions, including: President of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists; Director on Red River Exhibition Board; membership and volunteer commitments to the Manitoba Association of Home Economists and Manitoba Women’s Institutes. As a member of SERVAS, she enjoys numerous opportunities to meet and better understand people from different countries and cultures.

She is a member of Manitoba Association of Parliamentarians with good understanding of parliamentary procedure and has experience developing policy through the well-respected resolution process of Manitoba Women’s Institute and Manitoba Council of Women.


Luigi Imbrogno [BSc(Maj)/17] †

Luigi Imbrogno is a public health specialist with the Canadian Red Cross and serves on the COVID-19 Response Unit with Shared Health. He has recently returned to UM to complete his second degree in health studies with a concentration in health promotion and education so that he can arm himself with the tools and knowledge needed to help promote the health and safety of Manitobans. Imbrogno is inspired by the knowledge and skills he gained from professors in UM’s community health sciences that complemented theory with their own practical experiences in community and public health.

He wishes to serve on the Board of Governors to help the University navigate and support our students, staff, and faculty through these unprecedented times.


Carla Loewen [BEd/01, BA/03, MEd/16] * (incumbent)

Carla Loewen is a member of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation and hold a Bachelor of Education (2001), Bachelor of Arts (2003), and Master of Education (2016) from the University of Manitoba (UM). An award-winning researcher and dedicated community leader with a passion for peer mentoring, she is devoted to advancing Indigenous achievement. Loewen is currently the Acting Director of the Indigenous Student Centre and has specialized in first-year student programming for many years.

In recognition for her campus contributions, she has received an Outreach Award, two Awards of Excellence and an Indigenous Award of Excellence. She has worked at the Fort Garry campus since 2005 as a student advisor and her advising portfolio includes managing and facilitating the Qualico Bridge to Success and Neechiwaken Indigenous Peer Mentor programs. Her volunteer work includes over a decade as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg and she is a former member of the Indigenous Programs Advisory Committee for SEED Winnipeg.

Loewen’s years of service on campus gives her broad expertise in university administration, which has been strengthened as an Alumni Representative on the University of Manitoba’s Board of Governors for the past three years. She is a contributing member of the board and sits on the following committees: Finance, Administration and Human Resources; Governance and Nominating. She is also the chair of the Distinguished Service Award Committee. These roles have deepened her understanding of university systems. She believes that continuity for the board is important, as is the importance of Indigenous representation. She would be honoured to continue serving the UM alumni community in this way.


Tamira Loewen [BSc(Hon)/00] *

Tamira Loewen is a senior risk management professional. She has almost twenty years of risk management experience, has completed the Level 1 Get On Board Certificate formerly offered by the CBDC, and is currently a board member for the Empowerment Council, advocating on a systematic level on behalf of addiction and mental health clients/survivors, primarily of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  

She comes from a long line of UM graduates in her family. After retiring from farming, her father returned to his career as a statistics lecturer for 10 years and encouraged her uncle, John Petkau, to peruse a degree in statistics at UM. In 2016, John was awarded the Honoured Alumni of the Year Award from the UM Department of Statistics. Loewen’s brother and sister are also graduates of UM’s Faculty of Science.

Loewen remains closely connected to her alma mater as a donor, in hopes of expanding the pathways for Indigenous students beyond education and into employment within the corporate sector.

Loewen believes it is important to have advocates for mental health on the board and would welcome the opportunity to bring her skills, experience and passion to the role.


Nasser Malik [BComm(Hons)/85] *

Nasser Malik is a managing director with Citigroup Global Markets in New York. In seeking to be an alumni representative on UM’s Board of Governors, his goals are to reconnect with, get involved in, and contribute to forums that are important to shaping the future of the university and the province. Malik has benefited greatly from the quality of education he received in Manitoba, as well as his experiences here.

Since leaving Manitoba in his early 20’s, Malik has had a very successful career at the center of global finance, in both New York and London, with important leadership roles at a major Wall Street firm. These experiences, which straddle both the developing and developed world (financing, for example, sovereign governments, infrastructure and small companies) have given him a unique perspective on the global economy and its challenges, as well as opportunities and challenges specific to each of the political economy and emerging markets.

Malik has graduate degrees from the University of Toronto and Columbia University in New York City and was part of the International Fellows Program at Columbia. With his inner knowledge of the global economy and as a member of the LGBT community, he hopes to bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives to the role.

Malik has spent many months in Winnipeg over the last year, which has permitted him to spend time reconnecting with the places he grew up with, and observe the significant changes that have taken place. He has seen positive changes in economic profile, important additions to national cultural institutions, and the demographic profile of the population, but has concern for the income disparity mirrored more broadly in developing countries, and hollowed out parts of Winnipeg’s urban core. These experiences have motivated him to become further involved.

Robert Michon [BSc(Hons)/78] †

Robert Michon is a management consultant and entrepreneur who moved out of province shortly after obtaining his B.Sc.(Hons) in 1978. He had minimal contact with the university until he received an invitation to an event with UM’s president and vice-president (external). This reconnection rekindled his interest in the continued success of UM and motivated him to contribute to various campaigns, including the Front and Center Campaign, the computer science scholarship for female students and the Indigenous Success Fund.

After his first degree at UM, Michon continued to study at different institutions, such as Université Laval, Stanford, INSEAD and Queen Mary University of London. Michon has held board positions on several for-profit and non-profit boards. He has expertise in IT, technology transformations, and legal matters – having a certificate in Law and working on his LL.M. degree. He has business and accounting acumen from his M.B.A. and a membership in the Institute of Internal Auditors. He also holds an “Administrateur de société certifié” certification from Laval University and a Chartered Director designation from McMaster University.

He hopes to bring his enthusiasm, experience and perspective as an out-of-province alumni to the Board of Governors and channel the power of UM’s diaspora for the success of the institution.


Victoria Nwabuisi [BA/20] †

Victoria Nwabuisi is Senior Stick for the St. Paul's Ignatian Council and a member of the inaugural University of Manitoba Alumni Council. As a student she served as the International Representative for St. Paul’s College and the University of Manitoba Student Union. In these roles, she created much-needed access to resources and a leadership community of students willing to connect their peers with the resources needed to support and enable them in their journey.

As a graduate, she continues to seek out ways to remain an active member of the UM community because she believes that representation matters. She was recently nominated as a member of the inaugural UM Alumni Council.

Nwabuisi believes the international community needs support and guidance to amplify the community's needs and curate the best student experience for all types of students. This opportunity will provide her with the space and platform to speak to those needs at a university administrative level and offer strategic suggestions to the Board as needed.


Riley Proulx [BComm(Hons)19] †

Riley Proulx is a member of the Métis of Winnipeg with ties to Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (2019) from UM. As a recruiter and advisor for the Indigenous Business Education Partner’s Program at I.H. Asper School of Business, he specializes in attracting Indigenous youth to the School, increasing representation of Indigenous students at UM and ultimately in our business community.

He currently serves on five committees at the university, with four of them focused on advancing the inclusiveness of Indigenous peoples, their knowledge, and perspectives at the I.H. Asper School of Business. In creating pathways to education, Proulx manages the SHAW New Venture Camp in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, a summer camp targeted towards Indigenous youth with an interest in business, housed within the Asper School of Business.

Proulx also has experience in establishing new organizations and awards, having founded a student action group in sustainability, while leading other groups, and working to create the UM Sustainability Awards with the Office of Sustainability. Outside of the University, he has a decade-long volunteer status at the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg, and has been the team manager for various competitive levels of soccer teams.

If elected to the Board, Proulx wishes to use the powers of the office to strive to advance Indigenous achievement and equity for students, staff, and faculty.


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