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Our approach

  • This initiative is based in the social model of disability. We are seeking to remove barriers to the inclusion of all students who want to learn. Together, we will explore what practices may inadvertently exclude students from learning. Utilizing your expertise, we will unlock the potential of your course materials. We will co-create pedagogies that assume the presence of a diverse student body.

    We will utilize the guidelines of universal design for learning as outlined by CAST ( to explore the various aspects of instruction that can be redesigned to facilitate inclusion.

    This is a collaborative process that honours the knowledge and backgrounds of everyone who participates. We will work together to define your accessibility goals.

  • Universal Design for Learning at a glance

When environments are intentionally designed to reduce barriers, all learners can engage in rigorous, meaningful learning.
The Center for Applied Special Technology

How it works

  • icon research

    2. Collect materials

    Our staff will contact you and request the necessary materials to begin work. This can include course syllabus, teaching slides, assignment summaries and course times to facilitate classroom observation.

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    3. Let's meet

    Centre staff will schedule meetings with you to discuss and provide strategies for increasing accessibility. These will include coaching sessions, so you have the skills to make your pedagogy more accessible.

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    4. Collaboration report

    When the collaboration process is complete, Centre staff will provide you with a summary report. This will include changes that were made, identified areas for future adaptation, and resources you can access to continue your work in designing accessible courses.

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    5. Keep in touch

    You can always reach out. We are here to help you succeed and build educational spaces that are welcoming for all learners.

Contact us

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