An Asper staff member and finance student sit in a grey boardroom talking at the Asper School of Business Drake Centre.

Frequently asked questions

On April 22, the Asper School of Business Acting Dean, Dr. Bruno Silvestre released a message to all students and faculty regarding the next steps for in-person learning for summer term. All decisions were made using the guidance of Shared Health and the University of Manitoba.

The content on this page will evolve and be updated based on information we receive and questions as they arise. Please check back regularly.

Drake Centre

Is the Drake Centre open?

June 6 - July 31
Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

August 1 - September 5
Same hours, closed Sundays

The Drake Centre will be open to accommodate MBA classes scheduled on certain Sundays.


How do I access the student lounges in the Drake Centre?

To access Asper student lounges or the computer rooms your card must be set up as an Asper Student.  To set up your card please visit Physical Plant at 89 Freedman Crescent to have your card encoded to access the card accessible rooms in Drake.

Can I use the study spaces at the Drake Centre? Where can I work?

Yes during the Drake Centre's open hours. The quiet and loud study areas, fishbowl, and commemorative room are all open.

What is UM doing about air quality and ventilation?

UM heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are maintained in accordance with the requirements for building occupancy, and are maintained regularly for filter and operating conditions. The UM HVAC systems meet the standards in place at the time of construction or renovation, and provide good ventilation to our campus buildings. These standards are supported by the Government of Canada and are part of the guidance for ventilation created by the Public Health Agency of Canada to prevent COVID transmission.

Ventilation systems will also continue to be improved to ensure a healthier environment for all.

More information about UM building ventilation measures

Can I have a club, team, or other meetings and events at Drake?

Yes.  Meetings and other gatherings of fewer than 100 people are allowed.  Any events of more than 100 people, on-campus or off, or any events in which alcohol is served, must still apply for approval.

Can I book a meeting room or classroom at Drake for an event or meeting?

Yes - email with your request. 


Can I eat and drink at Drake?

The cafeteria space remains closed. You may eat at the University Centre food court area or other cafeteria spaces, as long as you follow social distancing requirements when your mask is off.

What are the hours of the Scotiabank Technology Centre?

The Scotiabank Technology Centre (room 247) is open from 8 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday.

Is the Albert D. Cohen Library open?


No, it is temporarily closed.

Is the CIBC Business Intelligence Centre open?

No, it is temporarily closed.

Vaccines, masks and safety

Are masks still required?

Masks will continue to be mandatory in indoor spaces throughout the Fall 2022 semester.

KN95 masks are highly recommended, but 3-ply medical masks (minimum ASTM Grade 2) will also be acceptable. Regardless of the mask type, please ensure your mask is fitted properly to maintain maximum effectiveness. Masks are not required indoors.

Mask distribution sites will be updated before the Fall 2022 semester.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend classes?

Beginning in Summer Term, UM will no longer require staff, students or visitors coming to our campus to have proof of vaccination.

Although, we strongly recommend students, staff and faculty receive a third (booster) shot of a COVID-19 vaccination to increase your protection against symptomatic COVID-19 and against serious illness.

Is physical distancing still required?

No physical distancing is required in any classroom or workplace or other general on-campus spaces. Physical distancing is still required in areas designed for food consumption (where masks can be removed). 

Mandatory minimum distancing in all lunch and common spaces is two metres.  

In addition: 

  • absolutely no food or drink is allowed in study spaces 

  • masks must be worn at all times in these spaces (see mask guidance above)  

  • eating outside is encouraged when weather permits  

Please connect with your supervisor about how your unit will be implementing a workspace plan that aligns with current public health orders and UM protocols. 

Are we going to receive rapid tests?

Students, staff, and faculty will not be receiving rapid tests. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and use the Shared Health Screening Tool to determine if you should be tested. There is also a testing site on campus at 1 Research Road. Rapid tests are also available at testing locations, MPI and for purchase at some pharmacies. Please visit the Province of Manitoba website to see a complete list of testing locations.

Classes, convocation and learning activities

What happens if my professor/instructor gets sick?

In the case of instructor illness, you will receive information from the instructor ASAP prior to class time. Depending on the situation and in the following order of priority, this may involve a replacement instructor for those sessions, a synchronously delivered online class or a recorded (asynchronous) class posted on UM Learn.

What if I am sick and unable to attend class?

The Asper School of Business and University of Manitoba has the health of our students, staff, and faculty top of mind. If you are sick and unable to attend class due to illness, you are required to communicate your absence due to illness in advance to the instructor ASAP. Students should complete and send a missed academic work form to the instructor by email ASAP. After that, one or more of the following options will be made available to provide reasonable accommodations:

1.     If instructor permits, ask another student registered in the class to audio record the lecture. Students must seek permission from instructor before audio recording the class;

2.     Coordinate with one or more classmate(s) to take class notes on your behalf and share them with you after class;

3.     Connect with your instructor and request to meet one-on-one virtually or in-person (once you are well) to address any specific questions you have related to the missed class. Please come prepared and review all course materials on UM Learn plus possible materials from options 1 and 2 above prior to setting up a meeting with your instructor.

How did Asper develop the learning plan for the remainder of the winter term?

There are many variables and every individual faculty member, student and staff at Asper have their own preferences on how to proceed with the winter term after reading week. However, our decision is based on pedagogical criteria that guided us to provide the best experience to our students, while respecting provincial health protocols. We also conducted a survey of all Asper students, and our decision-making was informed by the preferences, concerns, issues, and priorities shared with us in that survey.

Undergrad programs
For the undergraduate students, the decision to remain virtual maintains class participation schemes and allows all students to work on their course participation from the same playing field.  However, we have allowed students taking 3000 and 4000 level courses, who may be close to graduation, to attend remote classes in assigned classrooms at the Drake Centre. This provides an opportunity for students to get close to an in-person experience, do their group work and group projects with their peers at Drake, and network for the rest of the term. The building will also be open to all undergraduate students to network and study, supporting an opportunity for in-person interaction.  Additionally, Asper student groups, clubs and teams can now resume using the Drake Centre for meetings, events, practices and other initiatives.

Professional graduate programs MBA/MFin/MSCM
Second year term courses spanning over 10 weeks with enrolment below 40 students will be in-person after reading week.  Please check Arora in the Registration and Exams Section – Student Detail Schedule to confirm.

• Courses marked RL are courses that are being delivered entirely remotely

• Courses marked DE are distance education courses that are being delivered entirely online

• Courses marked TBA are courses that will be delivered in-person with the physical location to be announced before February 28.

The nature of the MBA, MFin and MSCM programs requires a higher level of interaction and networking. The shorter length of these programs is also important as some students might otherwise graduate without ever learning at the Drake Centre.

The classes returning to in-person instruction are once-a-week evening courses, meaning that students will not have back-to-back in-person and remote courses. Offering these courses in-person will give graduating and senior students an opportunity to go back in-person and interact with their peers and instructors before they graduate. The building will also be open to all professional graduate students to network and study, supporting an opportunity for in-person interaction.  Additionally, Asper student groups, clubs and teams can now resume using the Drake Centre for meetings, events, practices and other initiatives.

Research graduate programs MSc/PhD
All courses will remain remote for the entire term. These are seminar and readings courses for students early in their programs (credit phase). Although lectures after February 28 will be delivered in an online format, instructors at their discretion may book Drake 535 for some specific in-person activities. The building will also be open to all research graduate students to do their research and network, supporting an opportunity for in-person interaction with their peers, instructors and supervisors.

Can students join a class virtually if the class is scheduled to be in-person?

There will not be an automatic virtual option for those classes returning in-person. Instructors may make accommodations on written request if a student has symptoms and cannot attend in person. For any other circumstances, the Associate Dean will determine whether an accommodation is possible upon written request from a student and after conferring with the instructor.

Can I attend my remote classes at the Drake Centre or use the study spaces?

Yes. If your remote-taught class has a classroom assigned (3000- and 4000-level courses), you can attend your class from that specified classroom. If you want to attend a class that doesn’t have an assigned classroom, you will have to do so from an empty classroom (if available) or one of the study spaces. You must use earphones/headset so that you can still participate in your class discussion and not disturb those around you.

I am on case competition team. Can our team prepare for our case presentation in the Drake Centre?

Yes, you can. Have your faculty advisor contact the Dean’s Office so that we can assign you an appropriate space for your team’s practice.

If a class is taught in-person, will exams be in-person as well?

In most cases. However, instructors will make a decision and communicate with students the modus operandi of the exams (i.e., midterm and final).

Will in-person classes be recorded?


Where circumstances warrant, i.e. to accommodate students who may be ill, instructors may make an audio recording or allow students to audio record the class. Please see section regarding student illness.

My course has a graded component that requires in-person activity. However, my course is continuing remotely. What do I do?

Check with your instructor. You instructor may change the guidelines for the assignment or replace the in-person assignment with one that could be performed remotely.

I am graduating this term. Will my convocation be virtual or in-person?

The decision has been by the University of Manitoba to hold spring 2022 convocation in-person. Please visit the university’s graduation webpage for updates.

Will the Asper School be holding a reception for graduating students as it has done in the past?

 If you are graduating and there will be an in-person reception, you will be informed.

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