Visitor Accessible Parking

To utilize an accessible parking stall on campus you must be a UM permit holder or have a valid casual payment while also displaying a valid Manitoba Possible Permit (previously known as an SMD permit).

Accessible Stalls in Casual Lots

There are accessible parking stalls in casual lots ACW, ALC, H, RCFFN, U and SD. Visitors may issue payment with HONK Mobile or corresponding pay machines (if available) to utilize the accessible stall within the lot, while displaying their Manitoba Possible Permit. 

Accessible Stalls in Permit Lots

To park in an accessible stall that is within a permit lot, payment may be made via HONK Mobile zone code 91500 or visit the Welcome Centre to purchase a UM casual parking permit. Once payment is finalized you may utilize any accessible stall on campus while displaying your Manitoba Possible permit.

Lot Payment Options Rate
ACW Coins
Visa/MC       HONK zone 91320
$12 daily max     (½ hr min)
ALC Coins
Visa/MC       HONK zone 91330
$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)
H Coins
Visa/MC       HONK zone 91360
$4/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)
RCFFN Coins            HONK zone 91410 $2/hr
$11 daily max
SD Coins
Visa/MC      HONK zone 91420
$1.75/2 hrs
$7 daily max         (2 hr min)
Visa/MC      HONK zone 91430
$11 daily max        (½ hr min)
All other accessible stalls

HONK zone 91500

or Welcome Centre to purchase permit

$11 daily max        (½ hr min)

For any questions in regards to accessible parking on campus, please email

During IG Field events of over 15,000 attendees, event day parking restrictions are in effect 2 hours prior to its start time. Visit our Event page for details on where to park if you are attending the University on event days.

Staff Accessible Parking

Staff parking permit

  • To apply for an accessible parking permit:
    • please submit an application form (available through UM intranet)
    • indicate on the form your valid accessible permit number
  • Accessible permits are not assigned to a specific lot and can be used in any accessible stall on campus.

Student Accessible Parking

Student Parking Permit

To apply for a student accessible parking permit, you will need to fill out a parking application form and provide a valid permit from Manitoba Possible (formerly SMD). Accessible permits are not assigned to a specific lot, but can be used in any accessible stall on campus.

Accessible Parking Application (PDF)