If you are satisfied with your grades, you do not need to do anything and your grades will remain as you see them in Aurora Student. Please see the options below if you are not satisfied with your grades. If you experience any difficulties, or make an error when declaring your final grade selection, please be sure to email: fycentre@umanitoba.ca from your @myumanitoba.ca email account.  Be sure to include: 

  • Student Number
  • Student Name 
  • Course Info – Course title, section, CRN (eg, ECON 1010 A04 56432) 

Select one of these choices:

  • I want to keep my original grade and include it in my CGPA
  • I want to keep my original grade, but exclude it from my CGPA 
  • I want to VW from the course
  • I want to change my grade to P*

Please do not send the same request to more than one UM staff member, or contact the Registrar’s Office directly. This may result in a delay to the processing of the change that you have requested.

Choice 1: Make no change, take no action and keep your assigned grade

  1. These grades will be visible on your transcript and will be used in all GPA calculations.
  2. This is the same as what happens now.  
  3. You do not need to take any action if you are satisfied with the grades you see on Aurora. 

Choice 2: VW from the course

  1. Once you see your grade, you can decide if you would like to VW from the course. The course grade will be removed entirely from your record, and will be replaced with VW.  
  2. This is the same as what happens now, except that you will not be subject to Limited Access for any course with a VW grade in Winter 2020.

Choice 3: Exclude your grade from your CGPA

  1. The grade will remain on your record, but it will not be used in the calculation of your Cumulative GPA (CGPA).
  2. Courses that you exclude from your CGPA calculation will still be counted in your AGPA which is used to calculate Admission to most Faculties.
  3. Even if you exclude a grade, it will still be used to fulfill a pre-requisite or for degree requirements, as long as you have achieved the minimum letter grade required. 
  4. Excluding grades will have no impact on your ability to transit into Arts or Science.

Choice 4: Select your grade to be identified as Pass

  1. The letter grade is removed from your record and will not be used in any GPA calculation.
  2. Pass course will not be used to fulfil Admission requirements.

  3. Courses which are identified as Pass might not be used to fulfill prerequisite and other degree requirements.  

  4. Choosing a Pass is beneficial to U1 students only in select circumstances.  If you are considering this option please discuss this with an advisor.

Deadline date for students to make these decisions is May 10, 2020.

Understanding the impact of these options may be confusing and perhaps a bit overwhelming. Certainly you are not alone and many other students are unsure as well.  Connecting with an academic advisor in the First Year Centre is the best way to ensure you are making the right decision for your particular situation. If you are satisfied with your grades, then option 1 is for you, but otherwise be sure to contact an advisor at fycentre@umanitoba.ca.