What are Peer Helpers?

Peer Helpers are a small group of trained students who are available to meet with any current U of M or ICM student. Here are some of the things Peer Helpers can do during your appointment:

  • Be a non-judgmental, listening ear
  • Share relevant stories and advice based on their personal student experiences
  • Show you how to meet new people and get involved on campus
  • Help you find the right campus resources and supports

Virtual appointments are available Monday - Friday at pre-scheduled times between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Read our FAQ for more information or check out the Peer Helper bios below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Peer Helper appointments

Who can book an appointment with a Peer Helper?

Any student (from any faculty, program, or year) who is currently enrolled at the U of M or ICM is eligible to meet with a Peer Helper.

What can I talk about during a Peer Helper appointment?

You can talk about anything from feeling lonely during the pandemic to challenges that you are having in your classes. Peer Helpers are here to listen and share their experiences with you. They can even help you find ways to meet new people and get involved on campus. Peer Helpers are like casual, commitment-free mentors. 

Where are Peer Helper appointments held?

Peer Helper appointments are currently being held on Zoom.

How long is the Peer Helper appointment?

Peer Helper appointments are usually around 15 - 20 minutes.

How many times can I book an appointment?

You can book a one-time appointment or several appointments with Peer Helpers throughout the year. There is no guarantee that you will see the same person twice, but you can always check if this is possible by emailing studentlife@umanitoba.ca

If you are looking to connect with one person for a longer period of time, you may be interested checking out opportunities to be paired with a peer mentor.

Is there a cost for appointments?

No! Appointments are completely free. 

Peer Helper Bios

Photo of Peer Helper named Amy.

Amy (she/her)

Faculty of Arts, Global Political Economy
2nd Year

Favourite hobbies include taekwondo, public speaking, listening to records, and traveling

Photo of Peer Helper named Asees.

Asees (he/him)

Faculty of Science, Computer Science and Mathematics
3rd Year

Likes playing video games for fun, listening to music, and loves watching soccer

Photo of Peer Helper named Elbereth.

Elbereth (she/her)

Faculty of Arts, Psychology
4th Year

Loves archery, reading, playing the Sims 4, and volunteering

Photo of Peer Helper named Harman.

Harman (she/her)

Faculty of Science, Biochemistry
3rd Year

Favorite things include being outdoors, biking/running while listening to music, and karaoke or movie nights with friends and family

Photo of Peer Helper named Jayden.

Jayden (she/her)

Faculty of Arts, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies
3rd Year

Favourite things include dancing, hiking, watching YouTube or Netflix, and travelling

Photo of Peer Helper named Kathryn.

Kathryn (she/her)

Faculty of Science, Biology
4th Year

Likes dogs and reading, and bakes a different treat every weekend

Photo of Peer Helper named Maddi.

Maddi (she/her)

Faculty of Science, Genetics
5th year

Loves anything Harry Potter/Star Wars/Marvel related, has a cat named after one of her favorite literary characters (Atticus Finch), and her favorite season is fall

Photo of Peer Helper named Prabhleen standing in front of a brown curtain.

Prabhleen (she/her)

Asper School of Business, Accounting and Management Information Systems
4th Year

Loves playing soccer, singing/listening to music, taking nature photographs, and helping others

Photo of Peer Helper named Simran.

Simran (she/her)

Faculty of Science, Microbiology
3rd Year

Favourite things include succulents, sitcoms, and Sunday afternoons (also likes alliteration)

Photo of Peer Helper named Tanmay standing in front of a blue curtain.

Tanmay (she/her)

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Biomedical Concentration
4th Year

Likes baking blueberry cupcakes and banana bread, started learning to play Ukulele, and enjoys spending time in nature

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