Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Where are you located?

Our central office is located in 201 Tier building. However, we have a strong presence online, including online booking and tutoring. In person, our writing tutors are located in Elizabeth Dafoe Library and our content and study skills tutors are located in the Indigenous Student Centre - Migizii Agamik, Bald Eagle Lodge.

What kind of support do you provide students?

Our instructors, and peer-tutors see students on writing and learning-related issues. Writing tutors will see students at any point in the writing process from brain-storming to final copy. Our content and learning skills instructors, and the peer-tutors trained to work with students on content and learning-specific issues, work with students to improve their study methods and understanding of content. Our aim is to provide learning strategies that can be adapted to difference courses, students and contexts.

Do peer writing tutors edit students' papers?

Our writing tutors do not copyedit. In other words, we do not fix student papers. Instead, we focus on the student as a writer, and work to provide them with the tools they need to improve as writers.

Will you teach students grammar?

Yes, and no. We teach students’ grammar in context, and at the point that that instruction will most help the student. If the student is struggling to construct a thesis statement, support their ideas, or organize their information than our focus will be on those issues. We tend to address grammar when 1) the students’ grammar actively interferes with clarity, 2) when the rest of the writing concerns are not a concern (i.e. when the paper addresses all the other macro concerns). Students with significant grammar concerns may be referred to ALC instructors.

Do peer content tutors solve homework problems for students?

Our content and study skills tutors do not solve problems for students. In other words, we do not do the work for students. Instead, we focus on the student as a problem solver, and work to provide them with the tools they need to improve.

Information for course outlines

Please feel free to copy the following information about the ALC into your course outlines.

Writing, Content, and Study Skills Support

The Academic Learning Centre (ALC) offers services that may be helpful to you as you fulfill the requirements for this course.

  • Individual tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Workshops
  • Online resources
  • English as an Additional Language resources

Through the ALC, you may

  • sign up for tutoring appointments, at
  • meet with a writing tutor who can give you feedback on your work, whether you are getting started on a written assignment or already have a draft.
  • meet with a content tutor who can help you understand concepts and learn problem solving strategies (available in 80+ undergraduate courses).
  • meet with a study skills tutor to discuss concerns such as time management, reading and note-taking strategies, and test-taking strategies.
  • participate in Supplemental Instruction sessions for select undergraduate courses. These are weekly group sessions, facilitated by a peer mentor who has previously taken the course.

For more information about ALC services, please visit the ALC website.

You can also talk with a member of the ALC staff by calling 204-480-1481.

In-class presentations and workshops

On request, the ALC delivers tailored presentations and workshops in your class. We have presented in a wide variety of courses, ranging from History and Political Studies to Recreation Management and in professional programs, such as Social Work and Occupational Therapy.

Past presentations topics include:

  • Developing a Thesis Statement
  • Using Sources Effectively and Correctly
  • Citing and Referencing in MLA / APA / Chicago
  • Writing a Critical Review
  • Synthesizing Information for a Literature Review
  • Reading Strategies for High-Content Courses

These presentations are usually 30 to 50 minutes.

To request a workshop for your class, please use our online Workshop Request Form.

Please note that ALC instructors need at least 3 weeks of advance notice in order to prepare a workshop for your class and will be able to schedule a time to meet with your class, subject to their availability.