Prof. Rosemarie Finlay is congratulated by Dr. Dilantha Fernando and Dr. Christopher Adams on her 50th anniversary at the University of Manitoba

Assembly Regular Members

  • Dr. Christopher Adams
    Rector, St. Paul’s College
    Room 210, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Cheryl Albas
    Associate Professor, Sociology
    Room 247, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Stan Amaladas
    Instructor, Leadership Studies
    Research Associate, Mauro Institute for Peace & Justice
    Room 306, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Meredith Bacola
    Assistant Professor, Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies
    Room 126, St Paul's College

  • Dr. Tom Booth
    Professor, Botany
    Room 421D, Bio-Sci Building

  • Dr. Kathleen Buddle
    Associate Professor, Anthropology
    Room 448, Fletcher Argue Building

  • Dr. Sean Byrne
    Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies
    Room 304, St. Paul’s College

  • Eliude Cavalcante
    Director of Campus Ministry
    Room 224, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Charlotte Enns
    Director, Mauro Institute for Peace & Justice

  • Dr. Dilantha Fernando
    Dean of Studies, St. Paul’s College
    Professor, Department of Plant Science
    Room 211, St. Paul’s College,
    204-474-8577 (St. Paul’s College)
    204-474-6072 (Dept. of Plant Science)

  • Prof. Rosemarie Finlay
    Senior Instructor, German
    Room 239 St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Michelle Gallant
    Professor, Faculty of Law
    Room 300N, Robson Hall

  • Dr. Haskel J. Greenfield
    Co-Director of Near Eastern and Biblical Archaeology Lab (NEBAL)
    University Distinguished Professor, Anthropology
    Room 144 and 232, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Gerard J. Kennedy

  • Dr. Daniel MacLeod
    Director, Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies
    Room 124, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Adam Muller
    Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Programs

  • Dr. James P. Mulvale
    Professor, Faculty of Social Work
    Room 227, St. Paul’s College

  • Fr. Colin Peterson
    Priest Chaplain
    Room 222, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Jessica Senehi
    Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies
    Artistic Director, Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival
    Room 326, St. Paul's College

  • Jasmine Taveres
    Senior Stick

  • Barbara Unger
    Library Assistant
    Room 119, St. Paul’s College

Research Fellows

Writer in Residence

Dr. Karen Clavelle
Room 114, St. Paul’s College


  • Dr. Denis Bracken
    Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Social Work
    Room 113, St. Paul’s Colleg

  • Dr. James Bugslag
    Professor Emeritus, School of Art
    Room 278, Tache Arts Complex

  • Earle Ferguson
    Librarian Emeritus

  • Dr. Klaus Klostermaier
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Religion
    Room 307, St Paul's College

  • Dr. Richard Lebrun
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus, History

  • Dr. Richard Lobdell
    Senior Scholar, Department of Economics
    Vice-Provost Emeritus, University of Manitoba
    Room 116, St Paul’s College

  • Dr. Garry Martin
    Professor Emeritus, Psychology
    Room 129. St Paul's College

  • Dr. D. McCarthy
    Retired Professor, Philosophy
    Dean Emeritus, University of Manitoba
    Room 644, Fletcher Argue

  • Dr. Emőke J.E. Szathmáry, CM, OM, FRSC
    President Emeritus, University of Manitoba
    Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
    Senior Scholar, Anthropology
    Retired, Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

  • Dr. David Williams
    Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Theatre, Film, & Media
    Room 241, St. Paul's College

Visiting Members

  • Dr. Malcolm Bird
    Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Winnipeg
    6L18-515 Portage Avenue

  • Dr. Robert Coutts

  • Dr. Gabor Csepregi

  • Fr. Albert Evrard, SJ

  • Dr. Laura Reimer
    Research Associate, Mauro Institute
    Room 259/260, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Wesley Stevens
    Professor, Classics
    Room 328, St. Paul’s College

Senior Scholars

  • Dr. Oleh Gerus
    Senior Scholar, History
    Room 302, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. William Kocay
    Senior Scholar, Computer Science Department
    Room 342, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Daniel Lenoski
    Senior Scholar

  • Dr. Tom Nesmith
    Professor (retired), Senior Scholar
    Archival Studies MA Program
    Department of History
    Room 321, St. Paul’s College

  • Fr. John Perry, SJ
    Senior Scholar,
    Room 238, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Brian Schwimmer
    Senior Scholar, Anthropology
    Room 303, St Paul's College

  • Dr. Robert Smith
    Senior Scholar

  • Dr. John Stapleton
    Senior Scholar

  • Dr. Desmond J. Walton
    Senior Scholar, Department of Computer Science
    Room 240, St. Paul's College

  • Dr. Joseph Williams
    Senior Scholar, Mathematics

Associate Members

  • Dr. Kawser Ahmed
    Associate Member
    Room 236, St Paul's College

  • Rawia Azzahrawi
    Arabic Language Instructor, Judaic Studies and
    PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education
    Room 101-A Fletcher Argue Building

  • Pastor Justin Bradbury
    PhD candidate, University of Manchester, UK
    Associate Member
    Room 309, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Peter Denton
    Room 327, St. Paul’s College

  • Dr. Karen Duncan
    Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences
    Room 314B, Human Ecology Building

  • Dr. Don Fuchs
    Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
    Professor, Faculty of Social Work
    Room 212, Tier Building

  • Dr. Tina Jongsma-Greenfield
    Co-Director of Near Eastern and Biblical Archaeology Lab (NEBAL)
    Research Associate, Anthropology
    Room 232, St. Paul's College

  • John Harvie
    Associate Member

  • Dr. Michael O’Brien-Moran
    Senior Instructor and Coordinator
    First Year Seminar Programs
    Room 205, Tier Building