About the course

SCI 3300 Thinking Critically About Science

Peer review is a cornerstone of scientific research and the advancement of human knowledge. Throughout this course, you will evaluate papers, articles and presentations on scientific topics from a variety of sources. You will discover the characteristics of quality science articles, and learn how to distinguish them from junk science. You will also summarize a body of research for an audience of scientists from outside your discipline, and use the research summaries written by your classmates to propose and present a potential interdisciplinary research project.

How to register

We will make every effort to accommodate everyone interested in taking this course while building a class cohort that includes a diverse range of scientific disciplines. To be considered for enrollment, please submit the following to Jennifer Vaughan, Instructor I at the Department of Computer Science at jennifer.vaughan@umanitoba.ca.

  1. Your name and student number
  2. A pdf copy of your web transcript from Aurora
  3. A declaration of your main scientific discipline
  4. A paragraph explaining why you should be considered for this course.  We are looking for students who are interested in and willing to:
    • collegially discuss complex/controversial topics with others,
    • make logical statements/assertions,
    • write on an academic topic and
    • participate in a group presentation.

Please take note of the course prerequisites listed on Aurora. Only students who meet these requirements will be considered.

Requests for enrollment will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis until the course is full.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the course further, please contact Jennifer Vaughan at jennifer.vaughan@umanitoba.ca.