• $1.4 M

    IPG received in 2022-2023

  • $7.2 M

    Total IPG funds received since 2018

  • $1.5 M

    IPG funds received in 2023/2024

IPG Criteria & Reporting

2023-2024 IPG Distribution

UM received $1,521,226 in federal IPG support.

The following chart provides an overview of how UM proposes to allocate its funds under the priority areas.

Innovation &
Equity, Diversity &
Faculty Renewal
$0 $1,160,710 $360,516 $0


2023-2024 Performance Indicators and Target Outcomes

Project Title IPG Priority Area IPG Proposed Allocation Performance Objectives Performance Indicators Target Outcomes
Plant Science - Vernalization Cooler Room Renovations - Rms 008 A, B & C Facilities Renewal $300,710 • Conduct cold treatment studies in any crops (winter annual and perennial)
• Meet Health and Safety  requirements
Infrastructure upgrade and controlled environment facilities

Complete renovations by March 2024
Medicine - Chown Basement Fish Facility Renovations Facilities Renewal $645,000 • Meet accreditation standards for animal facilities
• Provide recruited researchers the fish facility required for their research programs
• Passed the accreditation standards for animal facilities
• Research programs proceeding and are competitive for national funding
Complete renovations by March 2024
Science - Parker Lab Renovations - Rm 306 Facilities Renewal $215,000 • Repurpose a 50+ year old teaching lab into a flexible research laboratory for biochemistry research
• Increase collaborative grant applications
• Integration of common space and instrumentation needs for research groups
• Modern space with a positive impact on training and innovation
Complete renovations by September 2024
Research Administration System (RAS) Project Information Resources $360,516 Implementing new software to track grant applications, contracts, certificates and awards, more efficiently and electronically Phase 1 - Human Ethics FG Currently live
Phase 2 - Grants and Contracts Phase 2 - re-planned for July 2023
Phase 3 - Animal Care Phase 3 - replanned for Dec 2023 to June 2024
Phase 4 - Human Ethics Bannatyne Phase 4 - Research Manitoba plan for production June 2023 - Sept 2023
Regular status reports from Project Management Team April 2023 - March 2025 

Public Acknowledgement, Objectives & Outcomes

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