• $8.5 M

    RSF funds received in 2022-2023

  • $176.5 M

    Total RSF funds received since 2001

  • $8.9 M

    RSF funds received in 2023-2024

RSF supports activities/expenses not directly traceable to specific research programs/projects, such as:

  • Maintaining, repairing and upgrading research infrastructure, i.e. modernizing labs, equipment and libraries
  • IT and operating costs (internet, custodial, heat, water, electricity)
  • Research and central administration (grants and contracts administration, regulatory and legislated reporting requirements, communications, payroll and accounting, research audit, environmental and occupational health, legal and insurance costs)
  • Intellectual property and technology transfer costs associated with transferring discoveries and innovations from academia to the private, public and not-for-profit sectors

RSF Criteria & Reporting

How UM defines indirect costs of research

Central and departmental costs incurred by the university to support research which are not attributable to specific research projects.

These costs may be related to research facilities, research proposal development, information systems to track grant applications, payroll costs for research administration and promotion, management and administration, regulatory requirements and accreditation, and intellectual property.

How RSF is calculated

UM must apply annually for the federal RSF. The amount awarded is based on averaged Tri-Agency funding received by UM (and its affiliated research hospitals and institutes) in the previous three years.

Organizations are considered an affiliate if federally funded research conducted there contributes to the applicant institution's research excellence and/or the applicant institution incurs indirect costs for federally funded research conducted at the affiliate institution.

2023/2024 RSF distribution

UM received $8,913,092 in federal RSF support.

The following chart provides an overview of how the funds are allocated under each of the five expenditure categories (including the affiliated institutions).

Management &
& Accreditation
$3,551,218 $934,603 $2,186,259 $1,756,012 $485,000


Affiliated Institutions

UM and the network of affiliated institutions have a mutual interest in achieving excellence in research activities.
This integration establishes the basic principles and objectives of an affiliation regarding the administration, regulation and accountability of research carried out by various groups of individuals with university appointments and by others associated with UM, including students. 

A comprehensive list of affiliated institutions includes:

Performance indicators and target outcomes

Eligible Expense
Report at
Year End
Research facilities

Strengthen researcher retention and quality of research by upgrading and maintaining research facilities and equipment

Ongoing technical support for laboratories, offices and other facilities

Specific lab renovations to attracted potential research funding

Annual research equipment maintenance and service contracts

Modern and dependable research facilities and equipment
Efficient and productive research activities

Attraction of potential research funding

Completed lab and research space renovations

Continuation of technical support for laboratories, research offices and facilities

Upgraded research equipment

Research resources

Improve and manage research data  information and analysis by upgrading databases and access to electronic resources

Percentage change of data usage and downloads for research purposes

Purchase of electronic resources, databases, online access to journals and upgrades to cables and wireless technologies

Enhance research with up-to-date data management systems and information

Annual data usage, page views and users

Upgraded IT projects in research areas


& administration

Provide research administrative support for processing new grants and contracts

Monitor expenses and review processes to ensure research compliances are meeting external agency guidelines

Number of grants

Number of contracts

Number of industry partners

Maintain success rates in research grants, contracts and industry partners

Data pertaining to the number of grants and contracts awarded

Continuation of research administration support

Regulatory requirements

& accreditation

Comply with regulatory requirements:

  • Upgrade and maintain research facilities
  • Train faculty and other research personnel in health and safety, animal care, ethics review, handling radiation and biohazards and environmental assessments
  • Ongoing support for staff & technician salaries

Improved compliance with regulatory requirements as measured by laboratory inspections, incident investigations and regulator’s audits.

Number of certificates issued to trained faculty and research personnel

Research facilities and equipment meet regulatory requirements

Trained faculty and research personnel

Fewer incident investigations

Data pertaining to new protocols and renewals

Maintain compliance with CCAC

Intellectual property

Sustain the Partnerships & Innovation (formerly Technology Transfer) Office

Increase the institution’s research base by identifying collaborative research opportunities

Number of patents filed

Percentage change in disclosures

Percentage change in licenses

Percentage change in startups

Amount of royalty revenue

Value-added growth of new research partnerships

Continued support to researchers in their commercial endeavours and industry linkages

Data pertaining to disclosures, patents, licenses, royal revenue and start-ups

Status of new initiatives

Public Acknowledgement, Objectives & Outcomes

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