A woman looks out onto a frozen field of ice using binoculars.
Climate change is arguably one of the most significant challenges our civilization has ever faced. We have known for years that this was coming and we have done little to nothing to minimize its impacts.
Distinguished Professor Dr. David Barber UM Canada Research Chair in Arctic System Science

Hudson Bay - the world's largest inland sea

Large enough to float the entire country of Germany like an island, Hudson Bay is what's left of the Tyrrell Sea, which formed with the retreat of the last glaciers, over 10,000 years ago. Also the largest continental shelf in the world, its relatively shallow waters hide a ledge of the North American continent. The region attracted Indigenous peoples long before it was noticed by European traders and explorers, seeking to establish an international fur trade and trying to find the polar route to the Orient.

This free interactive ebook will introduce readers to the scientific significance of this region, the nature of the changes underway in the bay and context for how this knowledge can be used to address the challenges and opportunities that climate change affords to the region and to the Arctic as a whole.

The ebook chapters include videos, narrated field notes from the scientists and interactive infographics.

The focus is on research led by UM, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and the Assiniboine Park Zoo, in collaboration with many universities, government agencies, industrial partners and communities.

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Join UM scientists on an incredible journey of discovery!

Expedition Churchill partners

Expedition Churchill: Gateway to Arctic Research was developed by the University of Manitoba in partnership with VIA Rail, The Town of Churchill, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC), Assiniboine Park Zoo and Travel Manitoba.

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