Take a look at your UM Achieve Audit. What does it say?

The UM Achieve resource looks at the courses you have taken and what you still need to complete in order to meet the requirements of your program.

You can stay on track in your academic program by meeting with an advisor and using UM Achieve to run an audit (see the requirements needed to obtain a degree); to "test drive" information about other degree programs by running a What-if.

Other student service areas, like Career Services, can use the Audits and What-ifs to work with you on your overall academic plan/experience. 

UM Achieve tutorials for students

Learn how to run an audit to successfully stay on track in your academic program.

UM Achieve Landing page

Starting Out

First Look at an Audit

How to read an Audit

Course History and Applied Exceptions

Selecting a Catalog year

What-Ifs Audits

We’ve broken down some of the most asked questions about UM Achieve
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