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Translational pharmacotherapy

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St. Boniface Hospital (department of pharmacy)


Research Summary

Dr. Zelenitsky maintains a collaborative research program that promotes optimal antimicrobial use in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Specializing in pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD), the work involves in vitro and clinical studies to determine the best dosing strategies for improving patient outcome while limiting adverse reactions and antimicrobial resistance.

With a commitment to knowledge translation, advanced PK-PD modelling is used along with predictive analytics (Monte Carlo simulations) that extrapolate research findings to the patient setting. The goal is to evaluate current practice and develop evidence-based dosing recommendations for old and new antibiotics alike.

The work is particularly important for high-risk populations such as the critically ill, immunocompromised, elderly, those requiring dialysis, or undergoing surgery, and for the treatment of serious infections such as pneumonia, peritonitis, bloodstream infection or septic shock.


Dr. Sheryl Zelenitsky is chair of the pharmacy graduate program and a professor in the College of Pharmacy. Previous administrative service includes:

Dr. Zelenitsky maintains an active pharmacy license and is committed to the integration of pharmacy education, research and practice. She is appointed in the department of pharmacy at the St. Boniface Hospital and is a member of their antimicrobial stewardship committee.

She is published extensively in the area of antimicrobials and infectious diseases and is referenced internationally in antibiotic dosing guidelines for surgical prophylaxis and patients undergoing dialysis.



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