• Dr. Lucy Marzban
  • Associate professor

    College of Pharmacy
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College of Pharmacy research themes

  • Translational pharmacotherapy and practice

Research affiliations

Principal Investigator, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences


  • Beta‐cell death
  • Cell signaling
  • Diabetes pathogenesis
  • Islet amyloid
  • Islet biology
  • Islet inflammation
  • Islet transplantation
  • Molecular pharmacology

Research summary

Diabetes results from dysfunction and loss of insulin producing β-cells which reside in islets of Langerhans (small endocrine clusters) in pancreas. Islet transplantation has provided a promising approach for β-cell replacement in diabetes but is currently limited by short supply and post-transplant loss of islets. Dr. Marzban’s research program focuses on understanding how β-cells normally function and why they die in diabetes or following transplantation. Specifically, her group aims to identify the mechanisms by which protein aggregates called islet amyloid destroy β-cells. The ultimate goal of Dr. Marzban’s research is to develop new therapies to prevent or slow the onset of diabetes and enhance long-term survival of islet grafts.


Dr. Marzban is currently an associate professor at the College of Pharmacy. Prior to joining UM, she was an assistant and associate professor, University of British Columbia (UBC).


Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Mississauga 

Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia 

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia 

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Medical Genetics, University of Geneva


Killam Prize

  • Awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (2016)

Student Teaching Awards

  • Year 1 of Dental Program, UBC Faculty of Dentistry (2011, 2014)
  • Year 4 of Pharmacy Program, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009)

New Investigator Award

  • Diabetes Canada (formerly Canadian Diabetes Association)


  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
  • Diabetes Canada (formerly Canadian Diabetes Association)
  • Transplant Fellowship, Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
  • European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes
  • Bertram Hoffmeister Fellowship

Outstanding Achievement By A Postdoctoral Fellow Award

  • BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Graduate Studentship

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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