Pay a Citation

  • Pay online

    Visit the University of Manitoba Parking Portal to pay a citation online.

    If you receive an error while trying to pay online and are using Google Chrome, please try again using a different browser. 

    University of Manitoba Parking Portal

  • Pay in person

    Visit us at the Welcome Centre to wish to make payment in person. There is also a drop box available on-site.

  • Pay by mail

    To pay a citation by mail, send a cheque or money order payable to the University of Manitoba to 423 University Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2. Be sure to provide your name and the citation number.

    Responsibility for early payment rests with the customer, please take this into consideration when mailing in payment.

Appeal a Citation

A citation must be paid before an appeal will be considered.

You have 30 days from the citation date to submit an appeal. 

For Staff, Student and Contractors who have a Parking Portal Account, appeals are required to be submitted in the Parking Portal. Once the ticket is paid, the option to appeal will become available under the Citations menu.

If you do not have a UMNET ID, you may fill out the Citation Appeal Webform

An appeals committee made up of UM community members will review your appeal and OPT will notify you of their decision by email. If the appeal is successful, OPT will issue a refund to the original method of payment.

Violations Explained

Not sure why you’ve received a parking ticket? Read on for explanations of some common infractions. For a full listing of violations, please consult the University of Manitoba Parking Regulations (PDF).

Improperly parked

This violation applies to vehicles that are not within a metered space or parking stall. Where painted lines are visible, you must park between the lines. In lots with parking posts, you must park in such a way that two vehicles fit between each set of posts. If you park directly in front of a post, or centered between two posts, you may be fined.


$20.00 if paid within 10 days.
$40.00 if paid after 10 days.

Parking in accessible stall

This violation applies to any vehicle stopped in a designated accessible stall without displaying a valid permit from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities. All accessible parking stalls are clearly marked and may not be used as loading zones for any length of time without the appropriate permits.

$150.00 if paid within 10 days.
$300.00 if paid after 10 days.

Parking in a reserved staff or student lot

This violation applies to vehicles stopped in a parking lot on weekdays between 7:30am and 4:30pm or in a 24 hour stall at any time without the appropriate permit. If you have a student or staff parking permit, please ensure you are parking in the lot assigned to you. Likewise, please note that visitors must park in designated visitor areas and pay required rates as marked.

$35.00 if paid within 10 days.
$70.00 if paid after 10 days.

No parking in a fire lane

Specific areas around campus are clearly marked as fire lanes, and may not be used as parking spots. These areas are reserved for emergency vehicles, blocking them may prevent emergency services workers from accessing buildings. Pick-ups and drop-offs in most fire lanes are permitted as indicated by signage however the driver must remain in the vehicle at all times.

$50.00 if paid within 10 days.
$100.00 if paid after 10 days.

Loading zones, fire hydrants and sidewalks

Watch out for loading zone signs and fire hydrants around campus. In loading zones, you must not stop for more than 15 minutes. Do not park within three metres of a fire hydrant, and do not park or drive on sidewalks, boulevards or landscaped areas. 

$35.00 if paid within 10 days.
$70.00 if paid after 10 days.

Unpaid or expired vehicle

If your vehicle is parked or stopped in a public parking area or metered space on campus, you must ensure that you have paid appropriately through a Park and Pay dispenser, parking meter or the Parkmobile app, and you must leave the space before your payment expires. 

$35.00 if paid within 10 days.
$70.00 if paid after 10 days.

Invalid permit or receipt

Do not display expired or invalid parking permits or receipts. If you do not remove old permits and receipts, you may receive a citation. 

$75.00 if paid within 10 days.
$150.00 if paid after 10 days.