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Dr. Suzanne Lennon’s research focuses on several topics which are linked by the target population of women of childbearing age, their families and their communities. All the projects within her program of research are conducted through a gendered lens. Dr. Lennon employs a range of research methodologies, including psychometrics, and mixed methods. Notably, she focuses on pregnancy risk perception for both women and their male partners, instrument development, the experience of child apprehension for both mother and father, and the effect apprehension has on parental health and well-being. 


Dr. Lennon completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 1997. She has 17 years of clinical nursing experience on high-risk labour and delivery and the Intermediate Care Nursery at the Health Sciences Center. She was able to fast-track into the PhD program and graduated Cum Laude in the College of Nursing’s first PhD cohort. She has taught a number of courses in the undergraduate nursing program, including Evidence Informed Practice, Gender and Reproductive Health and Nursing Leadership. 


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