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Research scientist, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM)

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Dr. Halayko leads a long-standing and internationally recognized research program for asthma pathogenesis using in vitro and animal disease models with multi-omics technologies for pre-clinical studies. His program has evolved from one with focus only on cell and molecular mechanisms for phenotype diversity of airway smooth muscle, to one that integrates translational research with a focus on real world unmet clinical issues. He uses biomarker research - transcriptomics, proteomics and lipidomics – taking data from human cohorts, and validating their pathobiological significance in cell and animal models. Including his main focus on asthma, he also has projects linked to COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, the response to inhaled pollutants, host response to viral infection (including SARS CoV2), and the developmental origins of lung disease. Collectively, the basic science, translational research, and clinical epidemiology approaches he uses are frequently part of local and national collaborations.


Dr. Halayko completed his PhD in physiology (University of Manitoba), and after a postdoctoral fellowship in pulmonary and critical care at the University of Chicago, he returned as faculty at UM in 1999. He earned a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in 2006, and after holding that for 10 years, became a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Lung Pathobiology and Treatment. He has been the Leader of the Biology of Breathing Group at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba since 2002. As of February 2021 he has 221 peer-reviewed publications, with a Scopus h-Index of 53, and is credited with seminal discoveries concerning the phenotype plasticity and heterogeneity of airway smooth muscle, and its role in asthma pathobiology.

For his accomplishments, he has received a number of national and international awards and distinctions. This includes accolades for his role in providing outstanding training and mentorship to over 75 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, many of whom have established highly successful independent research careers internationally. He is an executive lead for the Canadian Respiratory Research Network (CRRN) and director of CRRN Training and Mentoring. He co-leads the Manitoba Developmental Origins of Chronic Diseases in Children Network, and is a founding member of the Canadian Registry for Pulmonary Fibrosis (CARE-PF). He is a past chair of the National Board of Directors for the Canadian Lung Association, and a past-president of the Canadian Thoracic Society, being only the second PhD to hold that position. He is also an active leader in the American Thoracic Society (ATS), being a past Chair of the Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function on the ATS Board of Directors. He served as chair of the ATS Awards Committee, and is currently the chair of the ATS International Conference Committee (2019-22). He is also associate editor for the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, and for Frontiers Physiology: Respiratory Physiology.



  • Certificate of Recognition – Board Chair and Board Director, Canadian Lung Association (2021)
  • Michelle Harkness Mentorship Award – Mentorship Excellence (Allergen NCE) (2020)
  • Elected for American Thoracic Society Fellowship (ATSF) (2018)
  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Lung Pathobiology and Treatment (2016)
  • Elected to Fellowship, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (FCAHS) (2016)
  • American Thoracic Society (Assembly on Respiratory Structure & Function) Joseph R. Rodarte Award for Scientific Distinction (2016)
  • Certificate of Recognition - President and Board Director, Canadian Thoracic Society (2016)
  • Certificate of Recognition, Japanese Society of Allergology (2012)
  • Certificate of Recognition– Board of Directors, American Thoracic Society (2012)
  • Merit Award for Research and Scholarship in Sciences, University of Manitoba (2010)
  • Health Sciences Graduate Students Association Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award (2010)
  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Airway Cell and Molecular Biology (2006)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research & Canadian Lung Association Scholar (2000)

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