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The Doble Lab studies the mechanisms regulating cell fate decisions in stem cells, with a focus on key developmental signaling pathways such as the Wnt pathway. Determinants of cell fate ultimately involve regulators of epigenetic, transcriptional, and post-transcriptional events that result in the production of macromolecules specific to the identity and biology of a given cell type.

The Doble Lab has developed expertise in methods aimed at understanding mechanisms regulating transcription, epigenetics, post-transcriptional events, post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions. Improperly regulated developmental signaling underlies the genesis and progression of most cancers and developmental disorders.

Currently, the Doble lab is: i) studying stem cell models of some of the earliest cell fate changes that occur during embryonic development, ii) characterizing two cell lines derived from a genetic mouse model of Wnt subgroup medulloblastoma and iii) developing new models with which to study medulloblastoma and other pediatric diseases.


Dr. Brad Doble is an associate professor of pediatrics and child health, and biochemistry and medical genetics. He holds the Bihler Chair in Stem Cell Research.

Dr. Doble received his PhD at the University of Manitoba, in the Department of Physiology under the guidance of Dr. Elissavet Kardami, with a thesis focused on cardiovascular cell biology and the role of gap junctions in cardiac cell homeostasis.

Dr. Doble’s postdoctoral studies were conducted at the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto) in Dr. Jim Woodgett’s lab. There, Dr. Doble gained expertise in the genetic manipulation of mouse embryonic stem cells and the development of novel mouse models targeting the kinases GSK-3ɑ and GSK-3β, which are involved in myriad cellular processes and are implicated in numerous human diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and type II diabetes.

After 13 years as a principal investigator at McMaster, Dr. Doble returned to the University of Manitoba in July of 2019.



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