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    • Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

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    Expected duration

    • 1 year

Program details

The Anesthesia Clinical/Physician Assistant Program at the University of Manitoba is a one-year training program designed to prepare licenced clinical or physician assistants for a rewarding career assisting in anesthesia.

An anesthesia clinical/physician assistant executes supplementary therapeutic interventions and monitors tasks that allow an anesthesiologist or physician to use their skills more effectively.


The Anesthesia Clinical/Physician Assistant Program at the University of Manitoba within the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, is a one year training program that upon completion qualifies you to become an Anesthesia Clinical/Physician Assistant through advanced training. Training includes the following:

  • Orientation (three weeks)
  • Equipment, monitors and devices seminar series
  • Pharmacology series
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory seminar series
  • Talk rounds
  • Simulator lab sessions (12 scenarios, four sessions)
  • OSCEs (24 scenarios, four sessions)

Clinical preceptors

  • One-to-one clinical exposure
  • Mentor and preceptor roles

Apply now

Applications will be accepted for the fall 2023 and fall 2024 programs through the Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network once posted.

For further information please contact:

Susan Rubin
Regional program manager anesthesia/surgery

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Contact us

Susan Rubin
Regional Manager, WRHA Surgery and Anesthesia Programs
2nd Floor, 671 William Avenue
Winnipeg,  Manitoba, R3E 0Z2, Canada