Vison Values


The University of Manitoba Libraries (UML) is vital to building student, faculty and community success.


The values that guide our actions: empowering, innovative, responsive, respectful, collaborative.

Core Services

The UML identifies, acquires and makes accessible collections that support the academic and research mission of the University.

  • Supports accreditation for programs and faculties.
  • Supports academic programs as documented in Libraries Support Statements for course and program reviews.
  • Supports research needs of faculty and students.

The UML provides expert instruction and tools for students to find and evaluate information for learning at the University and into their professional lives.

  • Supports accreditation for programs and faculties.
  • Supports the Strategic Enrolment Management Framework by enhancing the students’ experience and contributing to retention.
  • Supports research needs of faculty and students.

The UML provides faculty and student researchers with expertise, infrastructure, tools and help for research data management and for publishing articles, journals and datasets.

  • Supports researchers in meeting requirements of various granting agencies.
  • Provides tools and infrastructure for data storage and preservation.
  • Supports researchers in knowledge mobilization. 

The UML provides and supports tools that allow faculties, faculty members, and student researchers to maximize their research impact.

  • Supports researchers in creating universal research portfolios.
  • Supports researchers in streamlining article submission to journals and grant applications.
  • Provides information for research grants and demonstrates research impact.

The UML provides space for students to learn and do research, including quiet study space, group study space, and active learning space.

  • Supports accreditation for programs and faculties.
  • Supports the Strategic Enrolment Management Framework by enhancing the students’ experience and contributing to retention.

The UML holds the archives of the University and collections of importance to Manitobans for the entire community and to preserve our heritage and records for future generations.

  • Provides compliance with legal retention requirements for University records.
  • Provides a historic record of the University of Manitoba.
  • Adds to the historic record of Manitoba and Manitobans.

Strategic Directions

Inspiring Minds Through Innovative and Quality Teaching

The Libraries empowers students and faculty in the changing information landscape through:

  • Transformational teaching and learning support and delivery
  • Ensuring point-of-need library support in-person and virtually
  • Enhancing information literacy and discovery programs for students

Driving Discovery and Insight

Through excellence in research, scholarly work and other creative activities, the Libraries collaborates with researchers, scholars, and creators at the University of Manitoba by:

  • Developing strong partnerships throughout the research and creative process
  • Partnering with others on campus to advance open scholarship
  • Providing expertise, infrastructure and technologies for data management, data visualization, and the storage and sharing of research data and publications

Creating Pathways to Indigenous Achievement

The Libraries is responsive to the Indigenous community at the University of Manitoba and to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action through:

  • Providing cultural literacy opportunities for Libraries’ staff
  • Working to make Libraries’ resources available to Indigenous communities
  • Respecting Indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditions in all aspects of our work
  • Continuing Indigenization efforts, particularly in the provision of access to information
  • Enhancing the University’s research capacity on issues of importance to Indigenous peoples and populations

Building Community That Creates an Outstanding Learning and Working Environment

The Libraries promotes student and faculty success through:

  • Developing research collections that support teaching, research, and learning now and in the future
  • Making our collections easier to discover, access, and use
  • Providing services, technology, and spaces that lead to innovation and excellence in the academic enterprise
  • Assessing and promoting library services and programs

The Libraries promotes staff success through:

  • Offering a variety of professional development and exchange opportunities that will increase our understanding of our roles and services throughout the Libraries
  • Supporting opportunities for librarians and archivists to disseminate their research at national and international conferences whenever possible
  • Developing our internal communication tools and mechanisms for conversations within the UML in order to enhance our ability to provide efficient and effective services and increase satisfaction with our own work

Forging Connections to Foster High Impact Community Engagement

The Libraries builds connections with the broader community through:

  • Developing and implementing communication and promotion strategies to inform the wider community about library activities, programming, and collections
  • Offering programming that appeals to the broader University community and beyond

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