Students playing a game, while other students discuss the law at Robson Hall

Student Groups

Manitoba Law Student Association

Manitoba Indigenous Law Student Association

Advocacy Groups

Animal Rights Forum

Bilingual Students Association

The BSA is a student group at Robson Hall that aims to provide a forum for francophone and other French-speaking students to meet and discuss topics related to the French language and the law. 

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Cultural Diversity in Law group

The Cultural Diversity in Law Group is a student group whose aim is to create and promote opportunities for law students of visible minority backgrounds in the legal field and broader community.

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Feminist Legal Forum


Outlaws is the 2SLGBTQ+ law student association at Robson Hall. Our goal is to provide a queer-positive learning atmosphere and meeting place at the Faculty of Law for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We welcome everyone – whether you are a member of the queer community or an ally.

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Local chapters of national organizations


Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL)

CARL is the Robson Hall student chapter of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL). Our objective is to introduce students to immigration and refugee law from a broad perspective, human rights issues that arise in this field and the practical skills that can set you up for success as a professional that supports migrants and their families.

CARL provides great opportunities to meet fellow students that are passionate about migration in Canada and its governing policies. Members often enjoy debate about contemporary issues and engaging with others that share their passion. In addition to networking with your peers, CARL members will have opportunities to connect with lawyers working in the field, as well as the organizations that support their good work.

Regular attendance at events is not required, although encouraged. We welcome people to attend events/meetings whenever possible. To learn more about immigration and refugee law and connect with the legal community, join our CARL chapter!

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Christian Legal Fellowship

Christian Legal Fellowship

The demands of law school pose unique challenges for anyone. We are Robson Hall Christian Legal Fellowship, a group of Christian law students who come together to provide encouragement, support, community, and mentorship. We are a part of a larger community called Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) – Canada’s national association of Christian lawyers and law students, which has 15 law student chapters across Canada, as well as a membership of over 700 law students, lawyers, professors, retired judges, and more.




LEVEL is a Canadian organization that takes aim to level the various barriers to justice by disrupting prejudice, building empathy, and advancing human rights. The goal of LEVEL is to educate the public as well as legal professionals on how to create and maintain a more equitable justice system. As a University Chapter, it is our responsibility to exercise this goal by organizing activities/talks that can educate our classmates about various issues within the justice system and their potential solutions.

Last active in 2022

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Pro Bono Students Canada

Pro Bono Students Canada

Pro Bono Students Canada is a national pro bono organization with Chapters at 22 law schools across the country. Our mission is to provide free legal support to people and communities facing barriers to justice. Each year, about 1,500 PBSC volunteers provide approximately 120,000 hours of free legal services to over 400 organizations, courts and tribunals across the country. PBSC matches law student volunteers (“Student Volunteers”) to Partner Organizations to provide free legal support to people and communities facing barriers to justice. By exposing law students to the value of Pro Bono service, PBSC aims to encourage the next generation of lawyers to make pro bono service an everyday part of their practice. Volunteering with PBSC is open to first, second and third year law students.

Volunteers at the University of Manitoba chapter have gained valuable legal experience in clinical settings, on research projects, and as legal interns throughout the Academic Year. With returning partners including the Community Legal Education Association and the Legal Help Centre, and new partners including JusticeTrans, we look forward to another remarkable year.

PBSC Volunteer Placements are posted in September. These placements detail the type of project, who the project is for, an overview of the project, and the areas of law the placement engages with. Applications are sent out with the postings and are due in September as well, with placements starting in October. Exact dates change year to year, but PBSC will email all students prior to each important recruitment date as well as post on our social media as well as the MLSA Facebook page. Please feel free to email any time throughout the year for more information in regards to recruitment and volunteering with PBSC.

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PBSC Manitoba operates due to the generous funding provided by the University of Manitoba and our various external funders:

BLSA Canada

BLSA Canada is a national student-run non-profit organization founded in 1991. We are committed to supporting and enhancing academic and professional opportunities for black law students in both official languages. 

Our objectives:

  1. To create a safe space and support systems for law students who identify as a racial minority
  2. To educate members about the importance and need for a diverse student body in law and the impact they can have in today’s legal practice
  3. To discuss the hardships and experiences racial minorities may face within the practice of law
  4. To provide social forums in which students and lawyers with similar backgrounds are able to interact and connect with each other
  5. To encourage a more diverse field of applicants to the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba

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Support groups

Mental Health Group

A student group dedicated to promoting awareness of and support for the mental health and wellbeing of Robson Hall students.

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Social Groups

Curling League

The Robson Hall Curling league runs Friday evenings, starting at 4:30 at the St. Vital Curling Club. The league is a great place to meet other students, hang out with friends, and get the chance to play a classic Manitoban sport!

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Robson Hall Jets