About us

We serve all undergraduate students in FKRM by:

  • Providing current information about professional and career developments in physical education, recreation, and kinesiology.
  • Promoting active living and social well-being by offering a wide range of positive and fun social events throughout the year.
  • Representing student interests to staff and professors in our programs, the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU), Senate, and other professional organizations in the community.

We also organize all sorts of other activities such as graduation celebration, grad pictures, rings and clothing that showcase student pride in being members of FKRM.

We always want input from the student body to find new ways to improve the student environment in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. Please email us or stop by the student lounge at 194 Extended Education if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to hang out! Our email address is: perkscouncil@gmail.com. Connect with us on IG @perkscouncil.


Meet your council


President: Jess Fung

Stream/year: Kinesiology, 4th year

Goal for 2023-24: Increase diversity and inclusion in the faculty, create more events, improve communication between the council, students, and faculty to ensure everyone's voice is heard.

  • Ben-Doucet-Headshot

    VP Rec - Ben Doucet

    Stream/year: Recreation Management and Community Development, 4th

    Goal for 2023-24: My goal within PERKS is to be more engaged with the faculty and meet more people. Last year was my first on campus and I got to adjust but now I would love to be more engaged. I want to especially make sure to meet more recreation students and get to know my program better!

  • Alex-PERKS-Headshot

    VP Phys Ed - Alex DiLello

    Stream/year: Physical Education, 5th year

    Goal for 2023-24: To create lots of new friendships on campus! I also want to make the FKRM/PERKS lounge a comfortable and enjoyable place for all FKRM to come hangout and/or study!

  • Kayla-Giesbrecht-Headshot

    Secretary: Kayla Giesbrecht

    Stream/year: Kinesiology, 5th year

    Goal for 2023-24: To make the FKRM student lounge a welcoming place for all students in the faculty.

  • Caitlin-Davidson-Headshot

    Event Coordinator: Caitlin Davidson

    Stream/year: Kinesiology, 6th year

    Goal for 2023-24: My goal is to encourage student engagement within our faculty. We are planning fun and affordable events and working to create an uplifting student lounge that FKRM students will enjoy using between classes. By connecting with others in our field, I want to provide students with learning and networking opportunities to help further their university experience.

  • Michael-Pelley-Headshot

    Event Coordinator: Michael David Pelley

    Stream/year: Athletic Therapy, 4th year

    Goal for 2023-24: Help cultivate memories and friendships that will last a lifetime for those in the FRKM faculty.

  • Alina-PERKS-Headshot

    Kinesiology Rep: Alina Derksen

    Stream/year: Kinesiology, 5th year

    Goal for 2023-24: Cultivate a strong sense of community among students from all faculties so that the student body feels heard, valued, and supported throughout their academic journey. By organizing diverse events, encouraging student involvement, and fostering collaboration, we can create a welcoming environment for all. I hope to provide opportunities for students to engage with one another and contribute to a fulfilling university experience.

  • Sebastian-Headshot

    Physical Education Rep: Sebastian Pageot

    Stream/year: Physical Education, 3rd year.

    Goal for 2023-24: To make the lounge more accommodating and social as well as make connections with peers in the faculty.

  • Breanne-Johnson-Headshot

    Social Justice Rep: Breanne Johnson

    Stream/year: Kinesiology, 3rd year

    Goal for 2023-24: To work on removing barriers in our faculty's facilities, as well as creating a more inclusive environment for all students.

  • Karine-Headshot

    KinGames Rep: Karine Boucher

    Stream/year: Athletic Therapy, 3rd year

    Goal for 2023-24: To facilitate communication between the PERKS council and the KinGames team to ensure that everyone has a great year.