UPDATED MAY 14, 2024 New features

Sharing files in Microsoft

  • Can’t Download – is a new sharing permission that lets people view a shared item, but they can’t download it to their device.

    • To set Can’t Download as a sharing permission:
      • Click Share for the document you want to share.
      • Select the permission icon next to the Add a name, group, or email area to open a dropdown list of options for permission levels.
      • Select Can’t download.


    For more information visit:

    Sharing files, folders, and list items - Microsoft Support

Classic and new Teams features

  • Meeting "Recording and Transcription" tab replaced by "Recap" tab – for scheduled meetings. The Recap tab will include access to the recording and transcript. For meetings that have a “Recap” tab, the previous “Recording and Transcription” tab will be removed since the “Recap” tab will replace it.

    • To view the meeting Recap:
      • Go to your Calendar in Teams
      • Find the completed meeting you wish to see the Recap for
      • Open the meeting
      • Find and open the Recap tab

    For more information visit:

    Meeting recap in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

Exploring the new Teams?

  • Select Try the new Teams toggle on the top left and explore these new features. 

    Forward a message in a Teams chat – allows you to easily share information with others. You can share messages, files, and images one-on-one, with an existing group chat or channel, or start a new chat from the forward message dialog.

    • To forward a message in a chat:
      • Hover over the message and choose More options > Forward.
      • Type the name of the person you want to share content with and select the correct person or multiple people from the drop-down list. Adding multiple people will forward the content to a group chat.
      • Optionally, add a message above your forwarded content for context.
      • Select Forward to send your message.

    For more information visit: 

    Forward a message in a Teams chat - Microsoft Support

    Personalize group chats with avatars – to add a layer of inclusivity and expression to your chat as well as visually identity chats with similar titles or participants. Group chat members can upload their own image or select a built-in image or emoji.

    To customize your group chat avatar: 

    • Select Chat on the left side of Teams, and find the group chat you’d like to personalize.
    • Select the avatar (profile picture) next to the chat’s name.
    • A new window will open with the option to upload your own image, choose a pre-set illustration, or an emoji.
    • If choosing an illustration or emoji, simply find the one you want, and select Save.
    • If you’d like to use your own image, select Upload, find the image in your files, and select Save.

    For more information visit:

    Personalize your group chat avatar in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

Did you know?

  • Microsoft green room feature with the speaker and the presenter on screen
    Photo by Microsoft
    Microsoft teams green room feature
  • A video clip of a woman talking and being recorded on Microsoft Teams chat
    Photo by Microsoft.com
    Woman on screen being recorded in Microsoft Teams video clip
  • Feature videos and recordings stored in your team

    Make videos accessible to your team members in a channel by adding the SharePoint Videos page tab in a channel. The SharePoint Videos page will show the most recent 36 video & recording files uploaded to the Files tabs for your team. 

    • To add the Videos page to a Teams channel tab:  
      • In Teams, select the channel to host the videos tab.
      • To the right of the channel name, select Files 
      • Upload your video files 
      • To the right of the Files tab, select the + on the tab bar, to add a new tab
      • Search for and click on either SharePoint or SharePoint Pages tab app 
      • Select the page called Videos
      • Select Save 

    For more information visit:

  • Custom background for your Teams meeting

    You can customize your background during a Teams meeting with an image of your choice. Images can be in .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP file format. 

    • To customize your background before a meeting:
      • Click on Background filters on the Join meeting screen. 
      • Click Add new. 
      • Find the image you want to use (ensure it is a .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP file). 
      • Select the image and click Open.
      • Join the meeting. 

    For more information visit: 

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