UPDATED DECEMBER 7, 2023 New features

Classic and new Teams features

  • Add external presenters to Teams webinars and Town halls – External presenters are guests who are federated, unfederated, or anonymous. When you add an external presenter, they'll receive a unique join link that will allow them to enter the webinar without waiting in the lobby. 

    • To add external presenters while setting up your webinar::  
      • Select Add external presenters. 
      • In External presenters, enter the email addresses of the external presenters you want to add. 
      • Select Save and send invites. 
    • To add external presenters to existing webinars:  
      • Go to your Teams Calendar. 
      • Select an upcoming webinar and select Manage event.
      • Follow the steps outlined above. 

    For more information visit: 

    Schedule a webinar in Microsoft Teams - add presenters 

Exploring the new Teams?

  • Select Try the new Teams toggle on the top left and explore these new features. 

    Meet app – is a new area in Microsoft Teams where you can manage your meetings. Prepare for what's coming up, catch up on meetings you missed, and find recordings, chats, and recaps - all in one place. 

    • To add Meet in Teams: 
      • In the Microsoft Teams app bar, select View more apps (three dots). 
      • Search Meet.
      • Select the Meet app to add it. 
      • To pin Meet to your app bar, right-click it and select Pin

    For more information visit: 

    Stay on top of meetings with Meet in Microsoft Teams 

    See new posts at top – New Teams allows you to control how you see posts in Teams channels. You can now choose to have your recent activity appear at the top (or the bottom) of your posts list. 

    To change the order of your posts:

    • Go to any channel in a Team you are part of. 
    • Click the More options (three dots) menu beside the meeting icon (video camera icon) in the top right corner of the channel. 
    • Click See new posts at top.  

    For more information visit: 

    Get to know the new channels experience in Microsoft Teams 

    Open a channel post in a new window – If you want to monitor a conversation thread in a channel post, or read the thread on its own, you can do so in new Teams using “Open conversation in a new window”. 

    • To open a channel post in a new window: 
      • Click the More options menu (three dots) in the top right corner of the channel post. 
      • Click on Open conversation in new window.


Did you know?

  • Microsoft green room feature with the speaker and the presenter on screen
    Photo by Microsoft
    Microsoft teams green room feature
  • A video clip of a woman talking and being recorded on Microsoft Teams chat
    Photo by Microsoft.com
    Woman on screen being recorded in Microsoft Teams video clip
  • Green room in Microsoft Teams

    Green room in Microsoft Teams – Take time to prepare before a Teams Meeting, Webinar or Town hall with a green room. Test audio and video settings, practice sharing content, and communicate with other organizers and presenters before attendees join.

    • To enable a green room for your meeting or webinar: 
      • Go to your Teams calendar and open your meeting or webinar.  
        • Note: If enabling green room for a webinar, set the lobby policy to Everyone for a public webinar or People in my organization for a private webinar. 
      • Select Meeting options
      • Specify presenters by selecting Specific people or Only me and co-organizers from the Who can present dropdown menu. 
        • Note: You must specify presenters to enable green room. 
      • Enter presenter names in the Choose presenters field. Presenters must already be invited as a participant to appear in the drop-down list. 
      •  Turn on the Enable Green room toggle. 
      • Select Save.

    For more information visit:

  • Record a video clip in Teams Chat

    Record a video clip in Teams Chat – In Teams, you can record a one-minute video clip of yourself or your screen and send it to people in one-on-one and group chats. They can watch the video directly in the chat. 

    • To record and send a video clip in Chat: 
      • Go to any one-on-one or group chat. 
      • Select Record a video clip (camera icon) under the box where you type a message 
      • Select Record.
        • Note: You can pause and continue the recording as many times as you need. 
      • When you're done recording, select Review. 
      • When your video clip is ready to go, select Send to drop it into the chat. 

    For more information visit: 

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