Be aware of the risks

We recommend you consider these risks when using social media applications:

Posting personal information

Keep the highest privacy settings and consider what you're posting.

Review what others post about you

Review what others publish about you on their sites and social media. Be aware that photos, videos and private chat sessions can easily be shared. Contact the website's abuse center if necessary.

Be wary of third-party apps and games 

Always be careful when clicking links on social media apps. Bad actors can use third-party programs to infect or access your computer.

Know who to trust

Only accept friends or contacts you know and review their accounts to ensure they haven't been hacked.

Manage your privacy settings

Most social networking sites offer privacy controls. Make use of them and review them often, as they can change and are usually complex.

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Most social media sites offer multi-factor authentication (MFA). Always turn MFA on in your settings to keep your account secure. 

Four things to do with every app

Before downloading and installing a new app:

1. Do a quick search

Before downloading a new app, check if there are any known privacy and security concerns associated with it.

2. Pause before granting permission

Be cautious about what permissions you are giving to the app and determine what data should not be disclosed when you sign up.

3. It's not fun — but review the terms and conditions

Read the privacy policies and terms and conditions of these apps to be aware of their data collection and sharing policies.

4. Consider the source

Download these apps from trusted sources like Apple App Store or Google Play to limit the risk of spyware and other vulnerabilities which may lead to cybersecurity attacks.


Visit for more tips about keeping yourself and your family safe online.

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