Uses for this form

This form is used to request audiovisual services such as video and audio production, photography and digital imaging services, and special event audiovisual support. You may also request classroom audiovisual support.


  1. Requester must book space prior to an audiovisual request. Depending on the space type, booking may take place through Ad Astra, your Outlook calendar or directly with faculty/unit.
  2. Complete and submit the Audiovisual request form.
  3. If the requested service is available, the IST Service Desk will produce an estimate for your review.
  4. Some equipment, services and locations require a technician to operate (labour charges may apply). After you confirm the service request, if a technician is assigned, they will contact you about your requirements and provide updated estimates.

Important information

  • Available hours (applies to both Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses):
    • Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
    • Note: Overtime charges do apply outside of regular hours
  • We require a minimum of five business days’ notice for all requests as services may not be guaranteed with shorter notice. During high volume times of the year (ex. Convocation), we may not be able to fulfil all requests.
  • Requester must book rooms in Ad Astra prior to an audiovisual request
  • MBtelehealth Video Conference must be booked with MBtelehealth 975-7714
  • After the service is fulfilled, the billing process begins based on the updated estimate.

Submit your form

  1. After completing the request form, select the Submit request form button to submit your request form.
  2. The Service Desk will send the request to the audiovisual team to confirm availability.
The request form will send a request for service to the IST Service Desk.
Service Desk will confirm details and availability before confirming the service.

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Requester information

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Event information

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Classroom services (AV equipment)
Communication services
Media production services (special events, recordings, productions):

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