Is the Blankstein Momentum Program for me?

If you are a former Qualico Bridge to Success student or an Indigenous student looking to get back on track, elevate your GPA or enhance your interpersonal skills, then Momentum is for you!

What are the requirements and incentives?

Students committing to the Blankstein Momentum Program are required to:

  • Attend a mandatory orientation session*
  • Attend bi-weekly learning workshops (alternating Tuesday/Wednesday from 4:30 -6:30 pm, September- April)
  • Meet with an Academic Learning Centre (ALC) learning specialist within the first two weeks of classes to develop an academic learning plan
  • Meet with an Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) student advisor 2 times per term (or their faculty advisor if 60+ credit hours)
  • Attend one appointment with the ISC reading specialist per term
  • Attend one appointment with an ALC tutor per term
  • Attend one appointment with a career counsellor
  • Visit with an Elder-in-Residence or attend an appointment with a Student Counselling Centre counsellor
  • Attend 2 Momentum community activities
  • Celebrate at the wind-up

*Students must attend a Blankstein Momentum Program Orientation to be eligible to continue in the program and can select from the following Orientation dates/times:

  • Saturday, August 20 (10 am - 12 pm) @ Migizii Agamik
  • Tuesday, August 23 (4:30 pm -6:30 pm) @ Migizii Agamik
  • Wednesday, August 24 (4:30 pm -6:30 pm) - Virtual (Reserved for students who are not yet residing in Winnipeg and cannot attend in person on August 20 or 23)

Students who complete the program requirements are eligible for the tuition prize draw at the end of the program (up to five prizes valued at $1,000 each). Students must be returning to the U of M the following year to receive the prize. In the case of a student graduating, special arrangements will be made. New for 2022: To keep the Momentum going, students who complete all Fall term program requirements will be entered for a chance to win a mid-term motivational prize!

Students are permitted to miss one (1) biweekly learning workshop per term and still qualify for the tuition draw (providing all other program requirements have been met).  When creating a course schedule, please take Momentum meeting days/times into consideration. 

Students not fulfilling requirement deadlines may be removed from the program.

Optional: ARTS 1110 (Introduction to University) is designed to help students by imparting the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for success in university study. If you feel you would like to improve your learning and writing skills, you may want to consider enrolling in this course. This is NOT a requirement of the Blankstein Momentum Program and is for those who have completed less than 60 credit hours.

Benefits of joining the Blankstein Momentum Program

    • Access to supports provided by dedicated staff
    • Ability to enhance student experience and increase academic performance
    • Opportunity to be a part of an Indigenous student community
    • Culturally grounded events and activities
    • Co-curricular record approved program 
  • Co-Curricular Record Graphic


Charisma, Cree, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

As a returning student, my main goals were to better equip myself with on-campus supports and practice accountability, both of which I knew were extremely important if I wanted to be successful in my studies the second time around. Joining the Blankstein Momentum Program created a safe space for me to work on building the extra confidence I needed to actively achieve my goals and become part of the campus community. The cherry on top was winning the $1,000 draw and creating meaningful friendships that I can carry throughout my educational journey.

Kyle, Métis, Fine Arts

I joined the Blankstein Momentum Program to assist in my academic goals. It was great being a part of Momentum and through it, I gained skills and support to improve my grades and [it] provided me with a break from studies. The best part of Momentum was the connection to culture and the food.

Zariah, Cree, Faculty of Art

I joined the program not only to increase my GPA but to connect with my Native American roots. The Blankstein Momentum Program supported me spiritually, academically, culturally and socially. The best thing about the program is the one-on-one attention I receive to help me strive; the access to workshops is very helpful and the connection to my culture makes it a very safe and positive environment to excel.

Interested in joining the Blankstein Momentum Program?

  • If you have any questions, please contact:

    Denise Proulx
    Student Advisor, Indigenous Student Centre


  • About Marjorie Blankstein

    The Blankstein Momentum Program is generously supported by University of Manitoba alumna Dr. Marjorie B. Blankstein [C.M., O.M.; B.A. (Man.); M.S.W. (Minnesota); LL.D. (Man.)]. Through her career as a volunteer, Dr. Blankstein has continued to advocate for Manitoba’s youth and has been instrumental in establishing many services. She has shared her passion with over 300 different community organizations, served on many boards and committees, and received numerous honours for her service. Learn more about Dr. Blankstein.